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I'm not happy anymore

I'm not happy anymore

I'm not happy anymore

Anotace: moje první anglicky, vytvořena 18.3.2012

Watching you sleeping in the bed
Remember the passion that we had
Remember the good times, those at school,
Whoever would be such a fool
To forget

Leaving you alone in the flat,
Letting the cold around to spread,
Losing the impression of love
Burning all letters and other stuff
To forget

Aiming so high but staying low
Watching the flames in fireplace glow
Admitting you were rude to me
And living in the misery
I won´t forget

You only tore my dreams apart
Made little pieces of my heart
And changed so much during the time
Turned to be very selfish guy
I´ll forget.

Smiling at you with inner scream
Smiling at person who doesn´t seem
To be a critic of all I do
But he is, and I´ll go through
To forget

Hearing you knocking at the door
KNOWING I´m not happy anymore,
Feeling the preassure on my chest,
Don´t want to describe the rest
Just forget
Autor Roman.Tycka, 04.05.2012
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