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Anotace: O ženě, která se nemůže rozhoupat zda si má začít s jedním mužem.

Your silence is unbearable.

How do I get off inevitable?

What it means to me to sit by your side.

How it aches and it aches You make me wanna die.


Pressure on my lips.

I´d die for just one kiss.

Wake, I can´t resist.

Could I be dreaming this?


Your shadow still embracing me.

And all the words We said.

They´re still here littered.

With that all, when do You want me?


There is an endless story underneath your indecision.

Im exhausted of your confusion.

I know that You´re not here to let me down.

But the costume makes the clown.


I hope that You´re the one I need.

The way to you is always long.

But if you´re close to me I´m holding on.

You light flame in me with eery speed.


But soon the flame will fade.

And only embers will remain.

No matter what we´re feeling.

It never feels enough.

Autor Roy Laiden, 29.11.2015
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