Anotace: rozhodně sci-fi, k tomu ještě absurdní (smích) - Chapter One

Chapter One


As a human, I underwent this experiment voluntarily. My mind, my consciousness showed a tremendous amount of energy. I was compatible. The probability of success is ninety-five percent.

Silence and blue light around. Operating room.

Chirp! Chirp!

The devices work. My body is connected to a lot of tubes.

„The patient is asleep. We can start!“ one man in white said.

The other men in white stood nearby. Surgeons. Their mouth moved. They debated. They consulted.

* * *

I heard a loud echo.


Strange sounds inside my head suggested that I was in a different world. I try to recognize the space around me. I myself. Fly between the spiked walls of the crystallized helium. I see laser webs. Silence? There is a surprising silence.


My thoughts returned to the moment when I saw the face in blue wimples ahead of me. Surgeons. They stood above me and held the scalpels in their hands. They cut me.

I could have guessed. I didn´t feel anything.


Again the same sound.

„What happened?“ I asked.

The doctor in the white cloak was silent. Then he looked to the side where the man in a black suit stood. He nodded.

„Choose your dream,“ the doctor said.
„Where am I? What happened?“ I asked.
„Choose your dream,“ the doctor repeated.

Then, in my head, I heard another voice that was repeated, „Choose your dream!“

In virtual imaginations. Dressed for Martian Dance. Overload. Pain and scream. Closed inside an empty room. Alone. The air was so gray. I felt it penetrate into my lungs. I fainted.

Am I dying?

When I woke up, I saw the world ruined. Panorama of the dying world. People stand. They do not move. I come and they think I bring the hope.

Then dark again.

* * *

When I opened my eyes, I saw a room with a large light on the ceiling. I heard a voice. The only voice. The dark voice.

„The experiment was successful,“ said the voice behind me.

I'm confused. I don´t feel anything.

„You can prepare the ProtoBorg“

As soon as I was inside the machine, my consciousness absorbed the whole program. I already knew what happened and who I am. But I was not sure of one thing.

Am I Destroyer or Creator?

„The experiment succeeded,“ said the same voice again.

Yes I know. I'm not a human. I'm someone else. I am a non-material substance in a machine.

A few hours later I stood in front of the giant circle with the spikes pointing in. There was another circle with four spikes inside. As soon as the inner circle began to spin, yellow light appeared.

„Open the gate to the fifth dimension!“


There was a screaming sound and the yellow light turned into a strong vortex that absorbed me.


I found myself in a red environment. The low hills were covered with soft sand. Perfectly calm. I walked through the countryside. The road was long and the surroundings boring. Monochromatic gusts. No trees, no signs of life.

When I heard from a distance the squeak that resembled the sound of a pressure cooker, it was too late. Too late. A huge spaceship resembling a black lizard appeared in front of me and hit the intruders.

Bang! Bang!

The connection with our world has ended!
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