Anotace: Chapter Two

Chapter Two


Only whispering wind blows the sounds. Maybe someone once lived here, but now? Everything alive disappeared. I stand up and look up. The sky suddenly turned red. The whole landscape was dipped in red.

Where are the attackers who tried to kill me? Why did they keep me in this wasteland?

My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the spaceship that appeared. It was them. They did not attack me. There were two arrow-like objects flying out of the circular holes and sticked into the sand several meters ahead of me.


Beings with a long head and big blue eyes on the long neck came up from the narrow holes. They looked like a hammer.

„Who are you?“ The electronic voice said.

At that moment I understood that these were semi-beings. A living organism and a half machine.

„Why did you come?“ He asked again.

He watched me. He observed me. He thought.

„You don´t belong here,“ said the other.

I wanted to answer them but at this moment I realized I could not speak. I tried to transfer my thoughts telepathically.

„Where am I?“ I asked.

Semi-beings answered my thoughts. Now.

„Controlled thoughts.“
„United consciousness.“

They talked together. Double voice. Same intonation and the same sound.

„Guiding matrix of our world.“
„Tones low.“

One of them moved to the side.

„Our world is completely different,“ I said and I examined their strange bodies again.

I sent my thoughts telepathically.

They came closer to me. They were about half my size but their strength was immense.

„You are a ghost in the machine,“ one said.
„We´ll take you and we´ll test you!“ said the other.
„No,“ I said and I stepped backwards.

Semi-beings took a step forward and their long transparent tentacles stretched out behind me. They were almost invisible.
„No!“ I cried out and I tried to bounce them off, but they emitted such strong magnetism that they dragged me to them on the contrary.

They paralyzed me. I fell down on the ground and my giant mechanical body stopped working. I could not control anything. I was immobile.

„Stop it!“ I cried and I thought it was just another test.

My thoughts disappeared in the landscape of red sand. Without an answer.

* * *

I woke up in the blue room. Semi-beings stood before me and discussed about me.

„He is just consciousness,“ one of them said.


It sounded around.

„Non-material entity!“
„He's Zythomk!“


They named me and released me out. Though it was not their plan.

„We'll take him to another box.“
„We'll test him.“
„We'll research him.“

It became.

* * *

They really wanted to move me into another box but I escaped. I got into their system. Me, consciousness. Me, Zythomk, I have recorded into the guiding matrix of this unknown universe.

My ego needs to create.

„Come back or die!“

The electronic voice inside stopped me.

„No more control!“ I yelled.
„You will become just another shadow.“
„You don´t know who I am,“ I said.

Ha! Ha!

There was an electronic laugh.

„I'm more than you can imagine,“ I said and I stepped into all the circuits.

I became the master of their universe.

„There came one who came in here," the electronic voice said again.

It was hum.


The voice continued.

„He wanted to take control of us. He wanted to destroy us. Eventually, he got himself trapped in the system and watched as the dark ring erased him.

As the screaming sounded, the system began to collapse.


Reverberated from several sides.

„I am the master of this universe!“ I screamed.

The matrix of this world collapsed.

„Stop!“ Came the distance.

The voice was lost and disappeared in a hum. I slowly became the master, the ruler and the creator of the new degree of evolution.
* * *

The system on my command created the new stem cells that started restoring the damaged parts. Bio servants entered the mother's womb to put new genetic material into the embryos.

And my consciousness penetrated into all the spores. The new evolution of semi-beings began.

Zytho-Creepör evolution.
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