Anotace: Chapter Three

Chapter Three

Another dimension.

After my intervention, I closed the entrance to the mother's womb and I continued into another system of this multiverse.


My consciousness is spreading at an incredible speed. Evolution is not always a mutation. In any case, I will create a new intelligent and inspired life form.


* * *

I penetrated the triangular gate into silver unknown surroundings. Empty and flat. Nobody seemed to live here.

„I'm coming!” Telepathic thoughts permeated into the consciousness of unknown fluid substance.

They were moving. They were expecting my arrival, but they didn´t want to make contact with me.

They changed their shape and sent a signal.

“We are a twin creator of thoughts, a proponent of ideas, an eternal inhaler of this part of the universe. We are hosts. We are an aspect of the connection. Unity,” I noted the telepathic report.

The connection was approaching.

“I am Zythomk, the creator of the new Zytho-Creepör,” I said.
“We are Fluwent in the shadowy part of this multiverse.”

Short introduction.

“We are liquid substances. We are survivors of the dimensional war against the Pith-eaters. We are survivors of this cosmic drama. That's why we stayed in the shadows and waited for the explosion of the last star. Then our country changed. The silver shine lighted up the room and Fluwent abandoned their sanctuary. We are free!”
“I'm looking for other new worlds for the evolution of Zytho- Creepör!”

The thoughts last wave farewell.

My consciousness in the form of cloud left the world of Fluwents and continued on toward another dimension. I got out the same triangular gate.

New space ahead of me.
In one color.


Ghostlike roar. More complicated metal sounds. In the oscillating space everywhere the cylinder is spinning. Like a wall. Cuboids in the middle and the long skeletal arms with four fingers protrude from those walls. No movement.


A soft whistle spread across the room. No contact. The telepathic track remained blank.


Gray cuboids without movement. In unusual disgust and crazy feeble-mindedness. I continued in monotonous surroundings.


It almost seemed to have stagnated at one point. It´s the first time my consciousness encountered unreachable existence.

Zero feedback point.
Through the narrow passage I´m heading away.
By the passage in the shape of rotating ellipsoid.

* * *

Is it really the multiverse? Isn’t that just a lie? The brain plays with my receptors. Is this fact or just a false imagination?

* * *

I´m sitting aboard a train and I´m looking into the sky. I´m analyzing the rain.

I´m analyzing the empty sky. Without clouds. Without birds. Its white and is absolutely clean. I´m resisting the cruel truth of being alone in this city.

I´m sitting aboard a train and I´m looking at the display that is attached to the wall. Repeat messages there. Ten-minute messages in a loop. I remember the events before the supernova explosion. Warnings against the actual catastrophe were not taken into note. The fuss was pacified by false prognoses.

Same yesterday.
Same today.
Same tomorrow.

Half of the city is destroyed. The train heads to Domain station in the hope that passengers will be waiting there.

„The Domain station is coming!” woman's voice said.

He came from the speakers, but only I have heard it


The train stopped.

„Man?!“ I gabbled out.

Really. A small boy with glasses stood on the platform. He held a small brown briefcase in his hand. I pawed at him. He didn´t see me. I stood up and I went to him. We met at the door.

„Where are you going?” I asked.
„For dad,” he replied.
„Where's your dad?”
„He works in the aluminum factory.”
„Are you alone here?”
„Yes,” he replied and sat down on the seat.
„Can I?” I asked.

The boy beckoned and he laid the briefcase next to him. I sat next to him.

„The next station is Amber,” said the woman's voice and the train started off.

The train continued to the next station.

* * *

The memory track changed within a few seconds.


I found myself in a long tunnel. Little light was at the end. I walked over the ruined concrete floor and I kept away the puddles, the acid-blasted moss on the walls. I met dead rats, rusty pipes between small stones.
It´s not a suggestion.
I see it.
It´s not an imagination.
I feel it.
I breathed the humid air.

„Hello!” The voice spoke in the distance.

It was a distinctive baritone.

„I´m just a passer-by,“ I said and I tried to find the hiding place of unknown man.


My leg has crushed the shell of the snail. He was dead.


I took a breath.

„Hey, man. Where are you?“

No feedback from the unknowm. I heard his breathing. His heartbeat. The smell of his blood.
I found him.
I killed him.

I'm a vampire. I´m living in the underground.


The memory track has changed again.


My consciousness radiated at an incredible speed. When the encountered another entrance.
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