Anotace: Chapter Four

Chapter Four

Strange Galaxy.

I moved across the nebula when I understood that Me, Consciousness, had been associated with one local entity for some reason. It was shortly after I looked into the Space Library and I understood the order of the universe.

Now I was someone else.

At that time, I was at the intersection of two square nebulas when a small light point appeared. He approached. My energetic case catched the strange energy. It does not resemble any energy here, within the interstellar space of this galaxy. Our home.

Strange energy became stronger.

* * *

I tried to determine the meeting place. I knew it would happen. The strange energy was pointing directly at me. Was it an intention or just a random direction? Time zero. Meeting time. The alien energy stabilized and tried to approach the contact.

„Where am I?“ asked strange energy.
„In the galaxy of Aaru,“ I said.
„I feel only some special energy.“
„We are a lucid entities.“
„Why am I here?“
„I don´t know.“
„You'll be her guide,“ another energy came in between us.

His words belonged to me.

„Who are you?“ asked lucid entities.
„We are Ord Keroi the ruler of six square nebulae.“
„You're like a two bubbles connected by a straight line,” she described us.
„And your energy case is like a cloud,” I said.
„Follow me," Ord Keroi said to us.

The space around us has suddenly changed and my energy has recognized a hexagram-shaped magnetic field. We were pulled in. One of the oldest Ords escorted us to the energy line archivist.

„Your presence is temporary,” the archivist spoke and wrote the data into the light column before him.

The flow of energy penetrated into the one of those columns. Short impulse. Soft vibration. The date was recorded. He then confirmed that I would become the guide of this entity.

„Am I guide?“ I was amazed.

I have never been a guide. I always took care of my energetic field. Self-field.

* * *

Around us, it changed again and we were in interstellar space. By ourselves. Me and an unknown entity.

„I remembered,” she sent a brief impulse.
„Where you come from?”
„From Earth.”
„Yes, people. You know them?"
„Humanoid life form on planet Earth.”
„And who are you?”
„I'm consciousness from another dimension,” I said.
„Why are you here?”
„I am the creator of my evolution and traveling through the multiverse to make sure that I am not alone.”
„Yes, evolution.”
„Like on Earth?”
„It happened millions of years ago. And it will happen again. Something dies and something is born. Some times and in another place. It wil start by explosion.”
„Adam and Eve?"
„Adam is the universal cosmic prototype of the human race. Eve symbolizes the prototype of the earthly race created by earth evolution.“

„How do you know that?”
„I looked into the Space Library,” I said.
„So you travel with dimensions or a multiverse?”
„It's a space-time corridor that connects dimensions.”

Time and space travel.
It's not a move.
It's an interdimensional jump.
From place to place.
From time to time.

„Your energy is strong,“ she said.
„I've got a lot.“
„You have Self-field.“
„Same as you.“
„You are my guide, but you are not like everyone else. You have your Self-field, which you call Self-field. You are from the other dimension. You are wisdom. You're something more. Evolution in the multiverse.“
„I'm Consciousness!“
„Your way goes on.“
„Of course. I want to know more. I want to identify more. There are other dimensions of matter and life forms have innumerable variants. Other categories than movement, time and space.“
„Is that your destiny?“
„I have my own plan. Me, Consciousness I am someone else now.“
„We are lucid entities.“
„The oldest of Ord Keroi knows well how to synchronize our energy, the galactic magnetic field keeps us together.“
„Regular and irregular gridlines in the red space with a white giant in the distance.“

Yellow on Wednesday.
Red is expanding.
For five billion years.
The sun is dying.
„I have seen the future and the Sun is growing so much that it absorbs Mercury, Venus, and probably Earth. There it will arise another nebula and inside the hot nucleus of the star.“
White dwarf.

After a while, I caught a gentle vibration.

„Higher goal? God?“ The lucid entity spoke.
„Ord Keroi argues that the almighty power of the universe is the Ord,“ I said.
„Ancestor Ord?“
„It does not matter who is an ancestor and who is a god. Om is the basic sound and everything comes from him. Its the symbol of absolute and the unification of all wisdoms.“
„Does that mean everything came from the sound?“
„You can imagine the Om as an infinite ocean,“ I added.

She already didn´t say anything. Her energy didn´t shudder. Its annular shape of light energy shone with the same intensity.

* * *

At the edge of the magnetic border, we stopped.

„We are here,“ I said.
„We are in the end.“
„Do you want to leave?“
„And you?“
„I'll create the crack and we can run away.“
„Do it!“
„Do it!“

It was just a moment. I created a small crack that we penetrated through the magnetic boundary. The cloud-shaped lucid entity entered the oval hole as the first one.

Within a moment the crack closed again.


At the next moment a nuclear explosion occurred. I felt only a short and gentle vibration. The space around brightened.


A time event was shown to me.


In a green spiral,
blurred image.
Past events,
forgotten age.

... millions of years ago, the first beings came to Earth. They put her down and flew away. He began the age of living creatures. The oceans were full of fish, snakes and sea water dragons. Then there appeared creatures that moved only on land. Giant lizards.
By another evolution mixing of races was born the new race, Dinosaurs. Their species was infinitely branched. They started wars among the others. With their weapons they received from aliens, they caused an earthquake. The continents were divided and the animals that stayed on them either died or began to change their shape and adapted.

The war has ended.

An extraterrestrial race, the Gondwanas, landed on Earth, supplying its weapons to both sides. It was a plan. They started experimenting. The first real people were born. The Gondwanas started to worry that it might be their extinction and they ended the experiment. They wanted to kill all people, but some escaped. They set up colonies, got their weapons, and the Gondwan attacks bounced off. They were intelligent and soon became the most powerful beings on Earth.

And so began the first phase of human evolution.


A large green spiral has disappeared. The space around brightened. I stayed alone. The lucid beings have become a White Dwarf who has accumulated material during our journey and has undergone a thermonuclear explosion.

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