Anotace: Chapter Five

Chapter Five

Hexagonal Clock.

I look up and down. I'm smiling and I think how the world is crazy. Everything rotates clockwise.

Sometimes soon.
Sometimes late.

Time guarded by the system in which we are stuck.

Sometimes with sound.
Sometimes without sound.

I get up every day.

Click! Click!

My subconscious is programmed. For day mode. For sleep. The night is full of dreams I often don´t understand. Who is it? What is it? Strange presentation. Impolite speculation.

Sometimes it seems like I wrote my dream ahead and I could live it. To dream my dream. Is it possible? I think yes. Fly, fall, laugh, run. Everything is possible.

No boundaries and limitations.

A clear, distinct shadow that compressed all shapes, figures, shapes into a cube. Infit, ephemeral, temporary, accumulated inside the cone and dust is not moving. Foolish, stupid, bellow, under, behind, like a snake twisting away from here.

Swim in the ink river. In two directions. Together. Be here and be there. In both places. Destroy and create for a new civilization. No Doubts. These are fragments of my dreams. It's not a theory in my memory.

Often encoded reality.
The mysteriously hidden quality.
Seldom random immunity.
Dynamic mutating dexterity.

Everything rotates clockwise.

Click! Click!

False honest loyalty.
Silently strike prosperity.
Another obtrusive society.
True dreamlike security.

Is it just a dream?

Tic! Tac!

Somewhere in a dense nebula in the middle of the infinite universe, the mentor, the cosmic guide, talks about blue-white stars, ice volcanoes, strange planets, liquid oceans, and everyone silent, breathless, listen to every word as he tells of dark moons, volcanic rifts, bright rings, frozen gorges, and everybody keep silent, they don´t breathe, they listen to every word as he talks about cyclone storms, gas clouds, methane seas and suffocating worlds.

Tic! Tac!

Somewhere in a dense nebula in the middle of the infinite universe, he reciter, the cosmic hunter, tells of transparent bridges, time lagoons, shining creatures, silver dunes, and everyone keeps silent, they listen to every word as they talk about square lakes, flying cubes, double oceans, sticky forms, and everybody keep silent, they don´t breathe, they listen to every word as he talks about porous diagrams, magnetic balls, parallel winds and spherical fields.

Tic! Tac!

Transmutation in a circle. Symbols that changed the world. 1,000 rulers like creeping Negatron. And silence in the mouth of forgotten, innocent, dead. I was a dreamer until I removed my scarf from my eyes.

I stayed alone in interstellar chaos, absorbed by everything. I wave for greeting. Email as a rescue or warning?
* * *

Hexagonal clock in this dimension don´t watch the time, but they are a gateway to the past.

I passed through the middle of the territory,
where human might desire has brought suffering,
pain, death and desperate mind misery.

* * *

The steel eagle floated majestically over the gray-green landscape. Mountains, forests, meadows beneath it.

It's a flying death.

Anger in the minds of men and sighs of bodies that they didn´t want to die. They believed and were disappointed when they walked in the crowds to the light.

Thousands of promises.

Then day came when they took them everything and they burned the darkness into their eyes.


And one day there was not anybody. The nuclear explosion has killed everything alive. Only empty houses remained. Like temples of loneliness and fear.

I wish it was a dream, I thought and I went on to the dead city.

I stopped in front of the high wall.


The flying drone took control. I stood and I watched the inscriptions on the wall.

... and the bodies of those,
what caused it
disappeared into the dust.
Even blood
sank into the ground
and rightful punishment
for all those monsters.

I saw women walking in the distance, fleshless and sick of war. So much pain was suffered, yet full of hope that their children would meet again. They will walk, seek never to give up.

Pictures of sadness
the war has left
sons, daughters, mothers
without homes abandoned.

As if the war took all the light from their eyes.

Days at the window
spent waiting,
that the father will return.
And he probably didn´t die
and he endure the hell
behind the high wall,
that he is alive
and come to embrace you.

Today it's raining
and you walk alone,
daughter forlorn.

And the cold rain
reminded you,
your farewell five years ago,
when your hands
waved to your father
and wet lips
and tears in the eyes
of your mother
(forever) remained.

The memory track changed within a few seconds.


* * *

I can know.
I can form.

I am the creator of evolution. I am consciousness. I'm a traveler through dimensions.

The space around me was bordered by a blue beam. It led me to another illuminated many shapes a few yards away. It was a corridor where the others moved like me - lucid beings of different intensity.
We differentiated not only in light intensity but also in color. Some of them were predominantly blue, some of them red, and some like me were yellow.
But no one had one color. We moved freely in a clear space without touching in any way. The energy I perceived was divided into communication and motion energy. As soon as the enitity used the communication energy, the intensity of the light increased and blinked at a regular rhythm, in a vertical position. Narrow strips in several rows in the middle of the body. The kinetic energy had more silver in its shade, and diffused to the sides. She created a halo effect.

Mind frequences were captured in the poly-field. The level of my perception has increased. The darker space ahead of me was lit by a yellow, radiant balls with two holes inside. Several sources of moving luminescent smoke emerged from both holes. Towards me. When he reached the first smoke of my level, he curled up along me and climbed from the bottom upward. Then another springs were added and my body found itself in a spiral created by luminescent smoke. This process only took a short moment. Then the smoke dissolved and I was draged into the funnel that appeared before me.

I slide into in. A few flashes and I found myself in the light blue space surrounded by a golden grid. I felt the tremendous amount of energy passing through me. My interceptive poly-field captured a different frequence. A triangle emerged and at first it looked like two dimensional demonstration of space-time curvature. I felt this sort of thing for the first time.
At the next moment of two dimensional demonstration broke and the space before me turned into a giant tunnel. At the end of the star.


The supernova explosion.

* * *

The memory track changed within a few seconds.


It was a moment, and I found myself again in front of the regular irregular grid in the red space. I decided immediately.

The entrance into another dimension took place and the effect of the hexagonal clock reached the level of forty.
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