Anotace: Chapter Six

Chapter Six

Index number

My entry. No explosion. No more meetings with other entities. Me, consciousness penetrated into the yellow haze of steam. I already knew that thanks to the hexagonal clock I got into the past of other dimensions, other worlds and perhaps my one´s EGO.

In any case I have come into the universes where I can´t begin the evolution of the Creepörs. Not all conditions are right, I knew.

I continued on my way, and as I got into the surroundings where the mist disappeared, three pipes appeared. You just had to choose.

Choose one of them!
Choose your dream, I remembered.

* * *

MERGER 1: Space altar.

... I entered the temple. High columns with large spacing.

Narrow candlesticks burned with blue red flames. Rhythmic knocking was heard from distance. Obviously into stone.

I walked and watched the surroundings. From afar, I saw an altar and a standing figures in long blue robes. As I approached, the rhythmic knocking stopped.

A light green sphere appeared in the center of the altar a moment later. Inside my head I heard the voices they advised me to put my hands on the marble board. I was not afraid. I felt relaxed. When I did it, I felt a soft vibration and then emptiness.


I stood before the altar. I didn´t move either. Still, I felt that something had happened. Really. Happened. I was out of my body. The others standing around were all the same. Their body boxes stood motionless like frozen columns and beside them their light bodies stood. Their hands also touched the marble board.

The green ball sparkled gorgeously and its warm energy penetrated through my lucid body. Actually, we were all connected to her energy and her energy in the form of a beam was permeated by all of us. It was as if the beam had pierced us.

Everyone started to communicate with each other.
I didn´t want to ask.
I didn´t want to fight.

My target was to classify, analyze the current state.


Everything changed when he found a big symbol admonish of about index number behind the altar. I came back.

MERGER 2: Psychoneogen.

I've witnessed an explosion.


During the next few minutes tectonic activity was reported and I could witness the rise of the mountains. Across the Pyrenees, the Alps and the Caucasus. In the prehistoric sea of Tethys, red algae appeared - Lythophyllum. The rocky shores changed into an irregular flat peat moor and an immense tornado divided the sea into two parts. It was a spectacle in all directions. Just choose.

Nekton stepped out of the sea and by the tentacles formed a net. Thousands of octopuses.


Glimpse above center.


Over the left bank there were infinite air vortex and ashes began to fall from the sky. Over the right bank, the icy raining. Frozen drops admonished of about the sharp potsherds. They were jabbed into the sand.

It was a psychoneogen.

MERGER 3: Dreamlike intermezzo.

Even during the sleep
to return back to the gray holes.
Away from capturing of evil thoughts.
During the walking, you can talk about the construction of atoms,
concentration of hydrogen ions,
you can know the principle of often complicated spheres.
As a child, you have doubted the time.
It flows and flows.

Everyone has some image of himself.
Something that is not true, something outside from the other side.
How to get to know yourself.

Next option.

The Illusionium.
The way somewhere downstairs, ugly.
We meet the monsters we create ourselves.
Weakness, decay, illness.
Or the truth about the pain, the suffering of others.

Did you already have the feeling that you have wings
and want to fly away with someone you like?

Maybe like a butler with napkins
with hearts to pieces.
Mistress on the horse could laugh.

Fire embrace as a sign of an unearthly forces.
And the hot rain poured off all in one.

Evil changes with good.
Love changes with hate.
Morbid jealousy inside disrupted.
Memories of the Liverpool Ball,
to the desired moments in his tender arms.
Abstraction generated in dreams.
True musical romance.
Poetic creations.

Dreamlike intermezzo.

Transformations that don´t believe the opposite.
Silhouettes disappear.
Sunlight penetrates into the eyes.
You wake up and fall asleep again.

Silence and darkness.

I came back again. To the beginning.


The memory track changed within a few seconds.
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