Anotace: Chapter Eight - The END

Chapter Eight

Experiment 2.

People don´t want to explore the universe. They don´t want to expect if their signal sent to distant corners of our galaxy reaches the other civilization.

They are not interested in corn rings, although some of us already know that they are encoded ciphers with strong energetic information for stabilization of the planet Earth. They know that our Earth is contaminated with poisons and toxic matters.

It's a message from space.
It's a way of communication.
It's a note.

Some of us know that scripture on Earth has brought various extra-terrestrial civilizations.

Spelling type.
Writing on a vertical or horizontal edge.
Used by the Berber nations.
Demotic type.
Ge'ez - Ethiopian type in the times of the Aksum kingdom.
Some of us know that human beings don´t look for answers from space. They will form, explore and search for other travels. For example in other dimensions in the form of consciousness.

I was first and the experiment was successful. With the help of my consciousness they obtained a new creature from the other dimension.


They wanted more.

* * *

EXPERIMENT number 2.

I´m lying in the dark,
without end,
like without skin
I'm naked
and strange slime
outflow from my mouth.
disappear in the dark,
I am in the middle.


The space around me bleached and became gray. There were two figures in the foreground and behind them a city lay. A strange city with spiky tower.

The three-fingered unknown entities were looking at each other. Once they moved. They were like two in one.


When they noticed that I´m looking at them, they disappeared. I have read their thoughts. It was Etori.

No future.
No past.
It was now!

EXPERIMENT number 3.


Program: Application Suggestion.

To get closer to imaginations,
to the dreams of unrecognized worlds,
about the space around the stars,
inside the black sea
milk reaching density
opaque nebulae,
puzzles curved.

The Dark Home.
We are a unity.
Circles, Signs - Distances.

Understand the cosmic essences
and asteroid swarms between ellipses,
planets scattered like stones,
giant worlds, transmutations.

Through the temples between the columns,
in a spiral, in strange gardens,
in times on distant planets
and in front of the gates – BEHIND US.

It´s another sun.
smooth of clouds,
zero space
in the middle of the rays
which disappears in the dust.

The symbols of time, echoes from far,
towards the unknown,
travels for the knowledge.
Mind elsewhere, life elsewhere.

* * *

„Are you ready?” I caught a telepathic note from the
empty space.

It was Etori. An unknown entity.

Ready or not?


MERGER 4: Dark mind autocrat

Through the marble
even through the frozen columns
you permeate
and you think,
that nobody finds you

These are visions
Preparation for detection
And they are people again
what so much they would say,
that they are with us
Why don´t they believe it?
and well-bred self-governor
counts the victims
of his debauched games
with a technological constant

Win or lose,
do not think about it
You are an outspoken autocrat
and you try to escape away,
out of…

MERGER 5: Chants of Suffering

of our torture
from blood
and my heart
what nobody takes
out from the body
and the power of those
what they did not die,
in the cells of death
and growing fear
disappeared in the dust
falling on the ground,
flying by dead air
In hope
dreaming to dream
and do not want
to hear every day
chants of suffering
in another merger…
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