Anotace: English lyric, Vision and sound desing by words

Quetes about Imagination:

Bring ideas in and entertain them royally, for one of them may be the king temple of Imagination. Holy grail between ideas of 21.st Century. - Standing on the landset of pilot's rewiev and holding the new era back throught the dawness of actualizating the vast gridness of Human Imagination

The landscapes rooted driven into solar cataclysm - The new human - machine story the gold prism of humanity - actuallization throught the collision of reality and imagination we have obtain and obey the twist of web called sci-fi and present realities, virtual modalities softwares co-create the human abilitity to entertaint the digital programable cosmos of our Age.

These seventh kingdom of technologicum scaffoldies, the fractal technium of human Future brings accelariting, overlaps and concrete juxtaposition on lights and shadows of our age and our new era.

The journey of mind bounderies continues throught the gravitality researches in far away distances on island's of creativity not even born and rise as stars clusters yet...The symbol of some secondary evolutionairy forces as human being taken the matter of low organization level than higher pottencial patterns of deep within human minds taken without to the deep solar galacticness of Space.

These Industrial and Digital revolution, Biotech and nanotech revolution, transcendents the limits of mucles, minds, software of life, programable organisms and finally transfers the limits of matter in the Universe to euquals the essential Energy of  Whole set.

Whole visible universe is gonna be fluid and interconnected as digital cosmos, these reamarcable marks of pragramming over matter, over the milky fluidness and softness of manipuable considering limitations of cutting edge - civilizations, the outputs of our lifes moves towards near far greater complexity than we Imagine today, reveal the truth about entropic principles and strenght the anti.entropic wawes of structural recognition of patters of Future Mind & Life.


Mind has triumph the fyzical topography, the biotonic ascendents of sacred singularities, our guardiang angels of future technium, seven circuts, orbits, clusters over solar systems, with sufficient combinig levels of astrophonic abilities to concrete the subatomic levels just by sounds controled imaginations in semantographic cosmic spider web by invented gods we turns into them as Mind- didness the Internet animism agency proof of external Ilumination of Bass - Universal language of cinematric plazma. 

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