Anotace: Part one, mission ended



'Do you really

   know where you are?

 In space the wisdom

   watching channel six...

    activated on the sector 


   The vibe was

      true or just illusion 

    It vast complex and massive

         wrap me in the trap

      All wormholes

         the quintas


     Part of the leathership

             was build ship to anchestors

       wiever from another planet has totally

          diferent opinions on us

         the main reason for living

         liquid cyborg system is the sound desing project.


    Who is there in the frequencies

         the host or the ghost 

      The Mr. steel the wheel

         of atom spliter

         The taste of selection

      was pretty damn hitter


     Is this the kind of interstellar spaceship or logic 

     Your interventions to the systems are eruptional indeed

       Some of the dust and ashes burn the floor of acid


---------           -----------             -------------          ----------



   I told you man this story is gonna be great

     just the anticipation were totally wicked

      straight to the hell's angels garden on pill


   More into comic story behind bars of heaven

    That vaccine for humans is no longer taste like shit

     the imploder smashed me to the inner circuits of time


    There is no time in the space above space it conti-fluidum

    main motiivs is searching for whole lightyears to come out of your life

      Optain the secret hideous message in the massage of spectrum


    the whole work is to obtain the secret power of Universe

      in ten dimensional shift the remedy of nitrogenic Future....


 .----------         --------------------------------------------------


   These moleculs creating samples in backwards caligraphy

      In sector seven quadrant Antilopea seemingly crushed situation created by Human Minds

        Vector is outscarlet like frozen twist of ultrasonic sculptures


        The loops writing poetry is written by the stuff itself

         we are the imaginary matter the matter we made of

         If this would be a meatcake I would have two of these jerks


       Lithium concentration is stealing my focus energy upfront

         The vacuum imploders just enters the grid of new soilground

            Its the largest and vastest alien pilot triump in unknown history of Universe...


    that's the plot man ! 


   -------------           ---------------         ------------------------ OCB CROSS and tube for joint's


    It need to be piloted byt why ? The tresuare was hidden till they keeped hiding themself in lost - translations non limits

    What is out here - why to be humanuous when people talk about robotech implantation and sonds of our eternal happyness.

     the great artwork by unknown russian scientist was destroyed by older woman on jet pack wheelchair


     I wanna be correct so correct the defect of brain function the effect of mind alterning patterns

      Transport it to the pictures painted on silence when you coloring the a pain behind silence

      and when silence enters be awere there is someone knokning on paintings of void co take bright color onto your Void


      Tarantula's mind spining orbits wheels on chair the sunday windy beach in the Universe

       sketches on the windows and snakes before the lakes of destiny just kidding I wrapped you right

       eruptional sentensec drive these people mad and the black cupboards are tight to copulate with us


----- ----    -------------    


        Predestination is served here by the population that tricks one another one whole different level


Autor Happyyz, 11.12.2014
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Občas ti tam trochu chybí členy a máš tam pár chyb ve slovech, nicméně některým větám vůbec nerozumím.
Např.: "It vast complex and massive wrap me in the trap"

11.12.2014 21:32:18 | Tom Dvořák

Ne vážně. Schováváš za dobře znějící slova šílený množství chyb :/

11.12.2014 22:43:08 | Tom Dvořák

Sure man its just prototypha phace of being in this body of the poem from future.
Nemůžete tomu rozumět když jste z tohoto století .-D

11.12.2014 23:25:19 | Happyyz

Nemůžu tomu rozumět, protože je to špatně anglicky!

11.12.2014 23:25:57 | Tom Dvořák

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