Anotace: in space

I want to go to Mars with You by car
then follow me, there is a seat for You
next to me, as available (as far)
it´s not a joke, take the place, that´s all true

space roadster of this time unique to think
a featherweight contest of open minds
in order to fulfill its missing link
there are no examples, as many kinds

we want to ride to Mars, key sending - yes
my request approval is online free
in TESLA´s driver´s seat there´s my address
to be on Easy Street, do You agree?
Autor Petbab, 08.02.2018
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je ne comprend pas malheuresement*ja nerozbyram...

11.02.2018 15:55:15 | Frr

en sanskrit, s´ il vous plait ou en langue bulgerien ou en langue slovaque
ou en francais li po russki***

11.02.2018 15:58:45 | Frr

Je ten skafandr opravdu prázdný?:-))

08.02.2018 11:24:22 | Lighter

je tam.. nic a všechno )

08.02.2018 13:25:56 | Petbab

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