My future

My future

Anotace: vzniklo jako školní práce na téma moje budoucnost

My future

The pain only my life used to be
But a change came
As you can see
I just do not care about fame

My life has changed

What? How? Why?
Because I don’t have a reason to die
Not anymore
She opened a secret door

I am in love

She found the key
To my heart
And showed to me
That love doesn’t hurt

Only thanks to her
Everything seems just great
She is my final fate

When she is next to me
I can feel finally free
I want to with her be
Because my future is she

Yes, I should study too
And then some work I should do

But who knows what will come
It’s good to have plans some

I bet on a one card
You can say that I am not too smart
But this is of love part

She is my card
She is my queen
She is my real dream
Autor Jesper, 03.04.2012
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"I want to with her be" - jestli chceš mít na konci "be", tak by bylo lepší obrátit slovosled: "with her I want to be".

"I bet on a one card" - máš-li před podstatným jménem číslovku, je neurčitý člen zbytečný.

"but this is of love part" - stejný případ jako ten první:
"but of love this is a part"

08.04.2012 08:27:26 | Hesiona-Essylt

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