Anotace: Jedna z doby, kdy mi to ještě pálilo...

Hanging high on the gallows

I've been deeply hollowed

Realizing my huge sorrow

If only I could borrow

My meager life anymore

Standing strong next time

Not remembering days of yore

I would not ever deplore


Sailing on the high seas

I would forget how to creep

With glorious ease

On my chest, I would feel gentle breeze

Commited to a glorious quest

Drifting through ravishing lands

I would not part with my friends

Having found an old treasure chest


Walking amidst the trees

With all sins forgotten

I would lay on my knees

Quietly listening to the bees

All the spirits would come

To delve into my soul

For the best I would hope

For the nether world to be postponed

Autor Věčně omámený básník, 20.05.2020
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