The enemy within 04

The enemy within 04

Anotace: Čtvrtá kapitola mé story. Nebojte se mi napsat, že se vám to nelíbí. Samozřejmě i naopak. :-) The chapter four of my story. Feel free to tell me that you don't like it. Of course even if you like it, too. :-)

Sbírka: The enemy within



Lena put her phone on the kitchen table. She glanced at the clock on the wall. It was one p.m. She was pleasantly surprised that he called so soon. Knowing she had an hour and a half she washed the dishes and decided to stop by at the grocery store to buy some missing things. She wanted to make refreshments to make the afternoon more pleasant. It was not like that she thought that spending afternoon with him wouldn't be pleasant. She smirked at the thought and ran out of the door. She locked it and made her way across the street and to the grocery store when her phone rang.


Hi Eva, how are you?“ she picked it up.


Hi, I'm fine, thanks. And what about you? Why are you breathing so loudly? Aren't you at home?“ Eva asked curious.


I'm on my way to the grocery store. I expect a visit at half past two p.m. I'd like to prepare refreshments,“ Lena smiled. „And what about you? Is everything OK?“


Yes, it is. Lena?“ Eva broke off for a moment. „Your visit, will it be him?“


No! How do you know it?“ Lena frowned. „Yes. He's editing pictures from yesterday. He'll bring them to show me. He called me just ten minutes ago.“


And what was your date yesterday? What about his secret?“


It was an amazing afternoon. He grilled meat and vegetables and it was so delicious. I'll tell you everything about it tomorrow at work. He has a wine cellar and a photo studio right in his house. And there's a meadow and forest behind his house and he showed me a beautiful lake...“


Wow! Sounds really good,“ Lena sensed her friend smiling. „I have to go now. Take care of yourself and say hi to him from me.“ Lena giggled.


Sure. I will. Greetings to Elijah. Bye,“ she hung up and walked in the grocery store.




Hi. I'm sorry for being late. It took a little long than I expected,“ he said when she opened the door. „I brought some wine for you,“ he handed her a bottle.


Hi. It's OK, Eric. Come in,“ she took the bottle and stepped aside. „Thanks,“ she glanced at the label. It was Henry Cuvellier 2014. She led him to the kitchen and put the bottle on the counter. „Can you open it?“ she opened the cupboard and pulled two glasses out of it.


Sure. Do you have a corkscrew?“ She pulled the corkscrew out of a drawer and handed it to him. After opening the bottle he poured wine into the glasses. „This wine comes from Bordeaux just like the one that we drank the other day,“ he took his glass and lifted it to his nose to smell the wine. „It fits to a meal but you can drink it just like that. It's a younger year of wine.“ He winked at her as she was staring at him. He could see from the expression on her face how she was impressed by him. She averted her eyes, breaking her reverie.


Can we drink it even with ice cream?“ she asked, tilting her head on one side. „I made it by my recipe.“


Wow! Homemade ice cream? I love ice cream,“ now it was his turn to be impressed.


But the pictures first, OK?“ she laughed shortly. He followed her on the back porch. There was her notebook turned on on the table.


They sat at the table, looking at the pictures. She was surprised how many pictures he took.


They're beautiful. Can I download them on my PC?“


Sure. That's why I brought them. I love the first one.“ She downloaded the pictures on her notebook and set one of them as her wallpaper. There was the lake and its surroundings in it.


I love this one,“ she glanced at him. „What's your favorite?“


This one is really beautiful but...,“ he browsed through the pictures, „... this one is just amazing.“ She looked at the picture of herself staring at the lake.


This is how I really look?“ she ran her hand through her hair, blushing.


Yes. You look... beautiful,“ he smiled. „You remind me of... someone.“


Really? Who is it?“ she furrowed her forehead, trying to hide her displeasure. Did he have a girlfriend, or even a wife? Looking at his suddenly serious face she bit her lip. „Sorry. I shouldn't have asked.“


No, it's OK, Lena. I meant my sister. Our parents lost their lives in an air crash seventeen years ago. Katherine was thirteen. We were left all alone. I took care of her for seven years ...,“ he broke off, closing his eyes. „It's been ten years since I'm alone, without her.“


I'm so sorry for that, Eric. I didn't want to bring up memories,“ she felt ashamed for her displeasure before.


Thanks for your sympathy,“ he looked at the picture on the screen. „It was a long time but it still hurts sometimes,“ he turned his eyes to her, a small smile forming on his lips. „What about the ice cream?“ he changed the topic.


Sure,“ she stood up. „What flavour do you like? I have vanilla, lemon or chocolate,“ she watched him think.


I think a mixed one would be best,“ he winked and got up. „Can I help you?“ She nodded.


They sat on the back porch enjoying their ice cream and she was wondering what happened to his sister. She didn't dare to ask, seeing his sad expression before. But she felt it wasn't good. She would like to take him to her home and take care of him. She wanted to make him happy so he wouldn't have to look back and just live as he wished. But his secret was still unknown to her and she had no idea if she would ever be able to accomplish that.


It was delicious,“ he finished his ice cream.


Thanks,“ she took the empty bowls and carried them to the kitchen. She washed them and put them on the drainboard. She pulled the bottle of wine out of the fridge to take it outside to refill their glasses. She jumped back as she turned around to go outside because he was suddenly standing right in front of her. She closed her eyes, placing her hand on her chest.


I'm sorry I didn't want to startle you.“


It's OK,“ she opened her eyes. „I just didn't hear you come. You walk like a ghost.“ He had to smile seeing her cheeks flushed pink as she looked up at him. „It's not funny,“ she shook her head. „What if I would have a heart attack?“


I would have given you first aid,“ he stroked her cheek with his fingertips.


Really?“ she was taken aback by his words and stared at him, her mouth slightly open. He nodded, took the bottle from her hand, put it on the table, cupped her face and pressed his lips gently to hers. She closed her eyes and felt her knees weaken so she took hold of his forearms. „Amazing first aid,“ she whispered and opened her eyes.


Feeling better?“ he asked and she saw sparkles in his eyes. She nodded slightly, drowning in them. She intensively felt his charm as she realized she still held him. She quickly let go of him and averted her eyes. Feeling embarrassed she took the bottle and sneaked around him, walking outside.


They were looking at the pictures over and over again. They forgot about time, talking. But she felt his unease growing with upcoming sunset.


I should go,“ he rose up reluctantly. She glanced at her watch. As she expected it was eight p.m.


Wait. I made dinner for us. I totally forgot about it,“ she went inside and put the spaghetti salad with vegetables on two plates. „Would you like rolls or buns?“ she turned to him. He ran his hand through his hair and shook his head.


You're so nice, Lena. But I really can't stay, I'm so sorry.“ His eyes were sad again and kind of full of fear, or something she couldn't recognize.


It's OK,“ she sighed. She pulled a plastic box out of the cupboard and shifted the meal into it. She put several rolls and buns into a plastic bag. She put it on the counter in front of him. „Then take your dinner with you, OK?“


Lena, I..., thank you,“ he swallowed and brushed his hand against his forehead. He was close telling her everything but he realized in time she couldn't believe him. She didn't ask anything and he was grateful for that. She watched him sensing he was swayed by feelings and her heart clenched. She stepped closer and hugged him. He wrapped his arms around her, burying his face in her hair. He closed his eyes for a moment. They stayed like this for several minutes. She looked up at him. „I hate to go,“ he whispered. He slipped his hand in her hair and gave her a long passionate kiss. She kissed him back. She could feel his desperation through his kiss. Then he slowly pulled back, his hands sliding down her shoulders to her fingertips. Trying to encourage him she smiled faintly.


Let me know you arrived home alright, OK?“ He nodded as she handed him the plastic box and bag.


Good night,“ he stole one more short kiss from her lips and smiled. „Sweet dreams.“


Good night,“ she stood in the middle of the kitchen, watching him leave. Her heart was beating like crazy, full of feelings for him. She was worried about him and his secret scared her despite the fact she didn't even know it yet. But she sensed it was a threat. She decided not to get discouraged by this. The more she got to know him the more she felt she was in love with him. No matter what she wanted to help him, to fight for him.




She poured coffee into a mug for herself and took a long sip. It was half past nine. She went outside and sat down on the steps on the back porch with the mug in her hands. She put her phone next to her. He left an hour ago. In a few minutes she glanced at the display several times. No call yet. Maybe he had dinner first. Now he could take a shower. She tried to talk herself into that everything was alright.


Three minutes to ten. She was nervous. She grabbed her phone and dialed his number. She couldn't stand to wait anymore.


Lena, I'm sorry,“ she heard his voice. He sounded tired.


You should have called me. I'm dying from fear,“ she raised her voice, running her hand through her hair. She sighed. „I didn't want to snap at you. I'm sorry. I'm glad to hear you're OK.“


I get it. I'm OK. Don't be angry with me but I have to...,“ she heard his painful sigh.


Eric? Are you there?“ Suddenly she heard a groan and a sound as if his phone fell down on the floor. „Eric?!“ No sound was heard. Just silence. She stood up and ran inside. She grabbed her purse, turned the lights off and ran out of the house. She quickly returned to lock the front door and jumped behind the wheel heading for his place.


Her heart was pounding in her chest as she pulled over in front of his house. She calmed down a bit seeing the light in the windows. She got out and walked to the front door. She rapped but he didn't come to answer it. She walked around the house to the back porch. She stopped on the threshold, seeing the back door was opened. She stepped inside and found his phone lying on the floor. She picked it up and went to the kitchen.

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