The enemy within 14

The enemy within 14

Anotace: Another chapter of my story. The epilogue is left to post. Coming next weekend.

Sbírka: The enemy within



Lena exchanged looks with Eric as he stopped the car in front of the familiar house in New Orleans.


We're here,“ he unfastened his seatbelt and leaned over to kiss her. „Are you sure about it?“


Sure I am. Let's go,“ she nodded and got out of the car. He followed her to the small house. There was a woman sitting on the porch. She walked towards Lena and waited for her coming closer with spread arms.


Lena! So nice to see you again,“ Dahlia gave her a big hug. „How are you? What about your forearm?“


Nice to see you, too,“ Lena laughed lightly. „Elijah removed the stitches yesterday. I'm good, thanks. And yourself?“


I'm alright, my dear, thank you,“ she glanced at Eric. „You brought Eric, I see?“


Yes, I did. Dahlia, I know there’s no need but yet I'd like to introduce him to you,“ she turned to him, a smile on her face. „Eric, it's Dahlia, a clairvoyant who helped me to break the curse.“


Nice to meet you, Dahlia,“ he stepped closer offering his hand to shake. But Dahlia gave him a hug as well, holding him in her arms for a few seconds. Then she pulled him back to look at him. „I'm really happy that the curse was broken,“ she patted his shoulder, her look darted between him and Lena. „Come inside, I'm going to make some coffee and we can talk.“ She led them inside.


Do you wish to ask something?“ Dahlia asked, a mug of coffee in her hands.


First I should give your bracelet back to you,“ Lena took it off her wrist and handed it to Dahlia.


Keep it, Lena. It's yours,“ Dahlia shook her head. „Let it remind you of your strength, determination and love you proved. If you feel a hint of doubts or insecurity in your future life, you will recall how strong and brave you can be. Your fight with the enemy within your beloved man was admirable.“


Thank you, Dahlia, for your kind words,“ Lena replied feeling embarrassed, stroking the bracelet. She looked at Eric and he gave her a winsome smile, placing his arm around her shoulders, pulling her closer.


You deserve to hear it even though I'm sure Eric told you what he thinks,“ Dahlia kept smiling and watched them, content. „By the way, Lena, your forearm will be fully healed even though it will take a long time. As far as a scar, it’ll remain but barely visible.“


That's what I wanted to ask. But you know it better,“ Lena raised her eyes to her, smiling.


I do,“ Dahlia nodded her head. „Eric, please accept my apologies for what Esther had done to you. I'm happy that it's gone and that you can live a normal life now. Believe me it bothered me for all those years and even more after Lena appeared here,“ she brought her attention to him. „I know it's nothing in comparison to what you had to experience. Even though it was not my fault I always regretted it wasn't in my power to stop her from doing it,“ she sighed, closing her eyes for a moment.


Thank you, Dahlia. I believe your words,“ he looked in her eyes. „I accept it of course.“




They arrived home around eight p.m. Lena retreated to the kitchen and Eric walked in the living room, picked up his phone and ordered some Chinese food for them.


What should I make for dinner? Any idea?“ Lena stood in the doorway. He walked across the room to her and put his hands on her waist.


I ordered some Chinese food. Don’t you mind?“ he planted a kiss on her lips. „You don’t have to cook and me neither. Don’t forget you’re still a convalescent who needs to have some rest.“


No, I’m not. My wound is almost healed and without stitches. I can take care of myself,“ she looked up at him, smiling. „Anyway I go to work tomorrow. Which reminds me I should go to sleep earlier.“ They were interrupted by the doorbell ring.


Our dinner is here. I’m going to answer and you think about where you would like to eat,“ he gave her a long intent look before he reluctantly pulled his hands back and went to open the door. She quivered under his gaze, leaning her back against the doorframe. She saw desire in his eyes and together with the touch of his warm hands it made her head spin.


They were sitting on the back porch. Lena collected the dishes as they finished eating and carried it inside. She put it into the dishwasher. She closed it and turned around to go outside again. Eric was standing in the doorway, watching her. She tilted her head on one side and looked in his eyes. He separated himself from the doorway and slowly stepped closer.


You know I thought you wouldn't have to spend your nights in the guest room anymore,“ he put his hand on her cheek.


So... you think I could go home then,“ she said with a playful smile. He parted his lips but said nothing, just shook his head no. Her smile faded and she closed her eyes, leaning her cheek against his palm. She liked the new tension between them and she knew that he tried to hold back all the time. She opened her eyes and placed her hand on his chest. His heart was beating like crazy under her palm. Looking up at him she nodded slightly. He took her in his arms and carried her bridal style up the stairs and into his bedroom.


He put her on her feet. She cupped his face, pulling him closer to capture his lips in a gentle kiss. He sneaked his arms around her, stroking her back and deepened their kiss. She moaned in his mouth as she opened hers inviting his tongue. Her hands slid to his waist and slipped under his T-shirt. When they separated in need of air she rolled it up and over his head. She stared at his bare chest, caressing it with her hands. He followed her example and took off her top. She unclasped her bra and threw it on the floor. He cupped her breasts, sighing at the sensation. She stroked his forearms, watching the expression on his face. As his fingers played with her nipples, she sighed and pressed her body to his. Feeling his hard-on she unbuttoned his jeans and got down on her knees pulling them down with his boxers. She took him in her mouth, looking up at him. He moaned, put his hands in her hair, closing his eyes. His head fell back, he fisted her hair and in a few moments she felt him spilling in her mouth, hearing his groan.


He pulled her up to him, smiling as she licked her lips and made a step leaving his clothes on the floor, his hands on her waist. In no time he peeled the rest of her clothes off of her then he laid her down on the bed.


She wrapped her arms around his neck, searching for his lips. He kissed her, his hand kneading her breast. She felt his hand traveling down her body over her belly to her most intimate place, his eyes following it. She opened her legs sligthly as he slipped his finger inside her. She arched her body, moaning.


You're so wet and ready for me, my love,“ he whispered in her ear. She fisted the sheets, slipping her hand in his hair as a mighty wave of arousal washed over her body.


Anytime,“ she breathed out and looked in his eyes. „I want you to take me.“ He could see desire burning in her eyes. He positioned himself on top of her and she lifted her hips against him, anxious to have him inside. She squeezed his shoulders as he pushed inside, crying out quietly. He thrusted inside her in slow rhythm, watching her face. She wrapped her legs around his waist to pull him deeper, felt like going crazy from so much pleasure.


What would you want?“ he asked in a husky voice, keeping his slow pace.


I want more...,“ she let out a sob, „and faster. Please,“ she added, her grasp on his shoulders tightened. He quickened his pace, intensified his thrusts and she closed her eyes.


It feels so good,“ he moaned, feeling his release was close. Her head was tossing and turning on the pillow then she cried out loudly as they fell over the edge together. He collapsed on top of her and she wrapped her arms around his neck, holding him tight. She couldn't stifle tears flooding from the corners of her eyes. She felt his breath, his heart beating fast and she would like nothing more than stay like this forever.


He slipped out of her and rolled on his back pulling her closer. She snuggled up to him, her head on his chest. He felt moisture and stroked her hair.


Are you OK?“ he whispered. She wiped the tears and looked up at him.


I am,“ she blushed. „You were... just amazing,“ she buried her face in his chest.


So were you. Look at me,“ he put his hand on her cheek as she raised her head. „I love you so much.“ She smiled gently and pressed a kiss on his chest. She reached out her hand to caress his beard.


I love you, too. I've never felt like this before.“ He carefully caressed the scar on her forearm.


You're second to none, my love,“ he touched his lips to hers and smiled. She buried her face in his neck, unbelievably happy. He held her in his arms and felt grateful for his new life. As they slowly drifted off to sleep he realized how lucky he was, sleeping in bed with the most amazing woman in the world.

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