The enemy within 15

The enemy within 15

Anotace: Epilogue...

Sbírka: The enemy within



Lena and Eric stepped on the bridge Pont d'léna next to the Eiffel tower where they spent several hours and then had delicious dinner in the restaurant on the first floor of the tower. It was Saturday, May 15 th, a beautiful warm night.


The last week they spent in France, travelling from chateau to chateau. Eric wanted to show her vineyards that he had told her about. Before their return home he took her to Paris.


They stopped in the middle of the bridge. Lena leaned over and watched a lazy flow of Seina. She was entranced by the beauty of Paris. The lights on the bridge were shining. She looked around and couldn't help but smile seeing not only the lights on the bridge but also all the lights along the river reflected on the surface.


It's really beautiful,“ she glanced at him and he placed his arm around her shoulders.


It is,“ he kissed her on the crown of her head. „And you're the most beautiful adornment in this city.“


Don't exaggerate,“ she said in a low voice, putting her head on his shoulder. „But thanks.“


You're welcome. It's true, at least for me,“ he broke off for a moment. „I have something for you.“ She rose her head and turned it to him.


Really? It's enough you gave me this amazing vacation. I've never been to Europe before,“ she gave him a small smile. „You don't have to give me anything else. I have you. What more should I wish?“ After that first night spent together in the end of August last year, he insisted on her moving to him so they lived together more than eight months today.


Anyway. Do you know what day is today?,“ he continued when she nodded, a smile on her face. „A year ago I saw you for the first time at your father's birthday party,“ he let go of her and pulled a small box out of his pocket. Then he kneeled in front of her. „Will you marry me, Lena Gilbert?“ he handed her the box. She looked in his eyes and held her breath.


Eric...,“ she opened it and saw a white gold ring with a white diamond. „It's gorgeous,“ she gushed. Then she realized he was still waiting for her answer. „I'm sorry, of course I will.“ He rose up, took the ring and put it on her ring finger. He smiled as she looked at him, her face beaming. She loved looking in his eyes. She put her hand on his cheek.


Thank you. I'm honored to become Mrs. Carr,“ she touched her lips to his. „You know I have something for you as well. I thought I'll show you when we're home but...,“ she fished in her purse for a few moments then she pulled a white envelope out of it and handed it to him. „I hope it will be as pleasant surprise for you as yours was for me,“ she whispered.


Eric was surprised, he didn't expect anything. He opened it and pulled a sonogram picture out of it. His eyes darted between her and the picture.


Are you saying..., does it mean...,“ he shook his head.


Yes. You'll be a daddy, Eric,“ she said in a low voice. „I know we didn't plan this.“ She lowered her eyes.


Lena, it's amazing,“ he breathed out, a smile forming on his lips.


Really? Does it mean you don't mind to be daddy?“ she looked up at him, tears in her eyes.


Of course not,“ he pulled her in his chest, stroking her hair. „It's a strange feeling but I'm looking forward to having our child in my arms,“ he swallowed, feeling overwhelmed by emotions. „When...?“


In December. We'll celebrate Christmas with our baby,“ she kissed him on the chin. „Daddy,“ she teased.


It's wonderful. I love you,“ he gave her his charming smile. Now it was his turn to beam. „I'm so glad that I have you by my side. I appreciate everything you‘ve given me.“


I love you so much, Eric,“ she cupped his face, knowing how much he adored her. „I'm happy.“


Once they walked into their hotel room he showed her how much he loved her and in return she gave him all her love and devotion as they did every night.



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