Mind Phantom

Mind Phantom

Anotace: Hehe, one confusive poem :oP

I thought about my quintessence

if I had beaten all I always feared

but then I lost my mind's presence

and my thoughts turned to something weird. 


Why was my mind in deep stress,

why I couldn't recall my adress?

That was the work of the Phantom,

who had caused my thoughts random.


He was waiting and then crept into my mind silently,

mixed my memories and scattered them seriously.


That is why I'm so confused, indeed.

But it can't be! Nevermore I will him feed!

I'm in defence! It was his last action!

In my brain, I'm locking every section! 


Die, Phantom, my sworn enemy,

My memories, you won't get ANY!

Autor Selidah, 12.03.2012
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