Let him stay

Let him stay

Anotace: Pokud najdete chyby budu ráda za upozornění :)

why you bring him to my life,
if he doesn' t want to stay.
why it must ended like that?
I can not explain.
why I see him, when I close my eyes?
Can you give me some good advice?

God please tell me,
why I shouldn' t with him stay?
And please let me see,
rules of this obscure play.

why I'm waiting for a sign,
short message on my phone.
why it seems to be insane?
I don't wanna be alone
why Amor chose my heart?
It hurts so much when we apart.

Lord please, please let him stay!
In my life forever, with love.
Without him it's horribl pain.
Let merge us, our two hearts.
Autor AngelLia31, 04.01.2020
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Chybou bývají české myšlenky zaznamenané cizím jazykem. ;-) Snad jen rodilí by mohli posoudit...

04.01.2020 12:48:48 | Lighter

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