My destiny

My destiny

Anotace: Anglická balada.

I was lost
Shared my pain with heart of darkness
What I had I hated the most –
Things like despair, fear and sadness

I was nothing
Nothing to have, nothing to being
Deathly web kept its doing
Every night I slept with lying
And my hope was slowly dying

I am sick
And I don’t wanna be no more
Me have a knife – keen is this thing
Leave behind just a closed door

I will cry when I’ll do
My last friend will be the blood
It is terrific? But it’s a true

Autor Christel, 11.09.2004
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Hars the fate is, but you can fight,
every time there is some light,
every one has a little star,
glowing brightly from the far,
and if sadness sing its song,
remember that life is long,
time will heal much in time,
with some strength you'l be fine.

10.10.2006 19:20:00 | vlkFenris

Ahojky, prosím, nelekej se, že vidíš u své tvorby samé nuly...proběhla tu změna. Začalo se hodnotit z nové vody načisto a admin vynuloval hodnocení úplně všem.

09.06.2006 16:52:00 | bába čurchlastka a inkontinenční ucháč

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