The knight's life

The knight's life

Anotace: Life of knights wasn't very happy. It was hard, really hard. Specially, in the time of war, of course.

I was a soldier, I was a knight,

I was used to listening to orders

Of the King for which I almost died

In the wars, fights and battles.


I was fighting for the God

I was fighting for the King,

And I had only my good sword

And I had only this one thing.


But once after bloody battle

I heard the King want to speak with me

And he said I should return to my cattle

And I had to fall to my knees before him.


I was injured and I was weary,

Allegedly because of that I had to go

I couldn’t have a single query

And the King sent me away on my own.

Autor Rebejah, 26.04.2018
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22.02.2019 19:33:31 | Ally

thanks you very much:) my english is very bad, so I try to make it better

22.02.2019 19:34:41 | Rebejah

To by se dalo zhudebnit *ST* :)

09.08.2018 21:16:22 | AngelLia31

Díky, snad má mizerná angličtina neurazila:)

09.08.2018 21:34:22 | Rebejah

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