What to do?

What to do?

Anotace: Experiment between stand up and slam poetry performance with strange acustin in quantum world and paralels of novel...

Hello I'm Ernest Sapito

And I'm here to perform the 'What to do' piece from Victor Hanacik


(Coming from aside to the center of the stage where the microphone is

 looking down to the ground then up then somewhere between and inside the space

 a bit confusing disturbating like wasted look stants still in the hypnotic steeze momentum before the first breath take in the lungs and in the air again)


'A finally come across conclusion what to do when slamer repeated itself. - girl in the caffeteria says.

Yea. Really so tell me!

'Just simply improvise like cat under the killers blade!



you need to upload new patch into the mind and then shoot it rewind 

and try to not be seduced by variety of time passing by as the observers

hidden in the camera obscura desperatly focus on frequency coming from your mouth'


So to slip the shivery of numbereless  desinformation field across the main stream

let the slam poetry be reduced incongruous quires reduce the slamer into the photons phonemes morphemes words into undulatory vibrations hooks of polarized spectrum throught the invisibility walls...


let the slamer be crumble into the molecules and atoms passing by the atoms and atoms into reinforced concrete breaking up into electrons neutrons neutrinos elementary particles more and more destile slamer throuth telephone telephatic desires of colective wires let it be reduced by vibes electronic impulses and noises tech breaks intros stant ups transitins build up block that stants as a building block reality of tommorow....and let it be degraded into swirling entropy...


...where our mind stands sometimes like a cryfull mourning shiver softness of dying light at the crushing edge of the wormhole...enchanting lights at distance point enslaving the chaos chains...tube protuberance fields...


...And here comes the joker...Entropy..Entropian creature in the trunk of ventrilloquist angel...exquisite gillotine...fire of dolores straight...initiliati - (block robotic interface coming - something strange) 



So you come here hour after asking shall i go shall i not  ?

What to were ? How to smile ? What to think today ? Maybe I will be one of them one day! Do you think I gonna slam today ? Definety need to slam all the way throught!

Somebody should come with definition of slam. There is none. There is multiple intentions to explain what slam poetry is not in that way...uhm excuse me wrong meeting.


Anyway do you thing Am I doing it right ? I'm very pleasured to be here in this place cause the space is the place you know and the one director is running the show so we all together are just flushing persistance of energies rushing kineticly by as travellers on the same wavelinks distance sparcling the Saturnus eternally...

And what struglles me the central nervous system impulses from the cohlea to the brushing thunders of the human curicullum...the individuals incarnations of the all flastther fluctuated energies moůlecules vibrant radians of fire and love....


Thank Ya.





Here comes the story in the moravian train station the girl with a omnipotent eye

seeing evething what ever happened what was ever thought and ever will be said

that struglles me with futuristic telepatic senses and I start to realize that she is from the future and I'm only passenger og this life and planet and she is out there distance and focus here so the dialogue goes like:


'Do we've seen already Mr. clearvoyage?'

I dont thing so I have present for you!....'









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