The enemy within 01

The enemy within 01

Anotace: Dovoluji si vám nabídnout první kapitolu mé zbrusu nové story. Ještě není dokončená, ale zatím mám dost materiálu, abych mohla každý týden poslat další kapitolu. Tedy pokud se vám bude příběh líbit.

Sbírka: The enemy within


Lena was walking through a deep forest in the night. There was silence all around. The only thing she could hear was her breath. Suddenly she heard a howl. She halted and hid herself behind a trunk of the nearest tree. She peeked out from behind the tree and suddenly she saw two shining eyes about three meters far from her and soon she recognized a silhouette of a wolf in the darkness.

He stood on the spot till she dared to leave her shelter and make one step closer to him. He stepped back, still looking in her eyes, then he turned around and slowly walked away, looking at her over his shoulder. She didn't know why, but she followed him. She cowered, closing her eyes, covering her ears with her hands, as she heard his painful howling so close after he'd disappeared out of her sight. When she opened her eyes she was alone here in a fog that started covering her eyes...

Lena woke up and lurched upright. She got out of bed, panting, her heart beating like crazy. She went to the bathroom. Then she stepped to the window, staring outside. It was a beautiful May night, the sky full of shining stars. She sighed and crawled back under the covers. Within seconds she fell asleep, this time without dreaming.

On her way to work Lena bought a dream book. It wasn't the first time she had the same dream about the wolf and she couldn't understand why she would keep dreaming about him again and again. „Him.“ Why would she think about the wolf as him? He was just an animal. Walking from her car she flipped the pages of the dream book to the W. She scanned an explanation and shook her head. She shut the dream book and was about to walk in the hairdressing salon called Evalen. She opened it with her best friend Eva and they thought about how to call it for quite some time before they linked their names together and the name of their hairdressing salon was born.

„Bye, Mrs. Williams, you look amazing,“ Lena stepped aside to let their regular customer out, giving her a smile.

„Bye, Ms. Gilbert, thank you,“ Mrs. Williams gave her a smile back and left.

„Hi Eva,“ she waved at her friend and went to the office behind the shop.

„Bad day?“ Eva stopped in the doorway. Lena nodded and poured coffee into two cups.

„I had that dream again tonight,“ Lena handed her one cup. „I bought a dream book to find out that someone will really hate me and I should beware of my enemies,“ she shook her head. „It made no sense to me.“

„Thanks,“ Eva took a sip from her cup. „Why? To see a wolf in a dream could mean something dangerous,“ Eva glanced in the dream book.

„Maybe... but not in my dream,“ Lena sighed. „It felt like... he was asking me for help... but it was too late. He wasn't..., see... I talk about 'him', not 'it'. Why? I have so many questions and no one to answer them,“ she heard the door sound signal announcing next customer's arrive. „There's Mrs. Taylor, I have to go,“ she put her cup on the table and retreated to the salon.

After closing the salon at half past six Lena and Eva went shopping. Lena's father's birthday party is on Saturday in her parent's house in Weston so two days left. She needed to buy a gift for him. She bought a new fishing rod for him because he was a passionate fisherman. Then they stopped by Luigi to have pizza for dinner.

About nine p.m. they said good night to each other, Eva headed for the house that she lived in not far away and Lena went through the park to the place where she left her car. She put the purchase into the trunk. She slammed it shut and was about to get in the car when she spotted two shining eyes in the bush. She gasped but the eyes vanished within several seconds as quickly as they appeared. She took a deep breath and her hands gripped a wheel. Probably she must be going crazy, she shook her head. It couldn't be her dreams materialized in the real world. It surely was just her imagination, her fantasy.


The party was underway as Lena stepped to her father. He was talking to her uncle John so she waited till he turned his attention to her.

„Enjoying your party?“ she clinked her glass of champagne to his, smiling.

„Sure,“ he gave her a smile back, putting his arm around her shoulders. „Thanks for your amazing gift. You made me happy.“

„Nice to know,“ she brushed her cheek against his chest. „Who is that long-haired photographer over there? I've never seen him before.“

„He arrived together with your uncle John. Ask him, he knows more about him,“ he let go of her. „I think it's good that he can take some pictures. We'll have memories.“ She nodded.

„I'm sorry, I have to go. My friends just arrived,“ she patted his shoulder.

„I hope they won't play too loudly,“ Grayson Gilbert turned to look at newcomers.

„Don't worry, dad, I told them to bring just accoustic guitars and no drums,“ she laughed shortly as she retreated to greet them.

„Hi Danny,“ she spread her arms and hugged a tall blond with guitar in his hand. He had a long hair and blue eyes. Then she let go of him and hugged the other musician. „Hi Carl.“ His long black hair was tied in a ponytail. He had blue eyes, too.

„Hi Lena, how are you? You look stunning,“ Danny winked. „Where are we supposed to play?“ he looked around.

„Thanks, I'm fine. Over there,“ she gestured for them to follow her.

Later she stood aside and watched the buzz around her. She liked watching people. Some of them were dancing, others just hung around, talking. Suddenly she caught the brown eyes of the photographer. They were beautiful but kind of sad. It took just a few seconds before he averted but his look lingered deep inside of her. It hit her right in her heart.

She saw her uncle John so she made her way to him to ask him about the strange man.

„His name's Eric. He worked for me some time but now he's freelance. He moved here just several months ago,“ John looked at her. „Do you like him?“

„No..., I don't know. I didn't think about it like that. Just asking. I don't know him and I've never seen him before so I'm curious why he's here that's all,“ she shrugged. „I feel some unease from him you know.“

„Really? In fact he's very calm, patient and balanced as far as I know him. He's very good at what he's doing, he has a sense of photos,“ John gushed.

„I'm sorry for interrupting but I have to go.“ She raised her eyes and met with Eric's without warning. „I'll send you the pictures as soon as possible.“

„OK, Eric, thank you,“ John shook his hand.

„Oh wait a minute,“ she glanced at Eric and walked into the house. In a second she was back with a plate in her hand. „A piece of cake for you,“ she handed it to him.

„Thank you, Lena. It's your name, isn't it?“ he lifted his eyebrow.

„Yes, it is. They forgot to introduce us. Your name's Eric, right?“ she offered him her hand to shook. His squeeze was gentle and firm, his hand was warm. „Do you really have to go? It's just eight p.m.“

„Sad to say but I really have to. It's late for me,“ he lowered his eyes for a second. „Thanks for the cake. Have a nice evening.“

„You're welcome. Thank you for coming and taking pictures for us,“ she smiled faintly. He nodded shortly and left without a smile. She stood there, watching him leave and had a strange feeling. As if something clenched her heart. She walked over the garden to the place where Eva was standing, waving at her. Her husband Elijah stood next to her, his protective arm wrapped around her shoulders.

„Who was that guy, Lena? I don't know him,“ she asked curious as Lena stepped to her. Elijah let go of Eva.

„I'm going to pick up drinks and let the two of you talk.“

„Elijah,“ Lena touched his upper arm lightly. „You're nice but you don't have to. Stay here.“ He gave her a knowing smile and smirked at Eva.

„I know. It's OK. I also need a man chat,“ he retreated with a smile.

„He's amazing, isn't he?“ Lena smirked, looking at Eva.

„I think so,“ Eva chuckled. „What about the long-haired guy? He looks a little bit like Fred. Do you know him?“

„He has long hair and beard. By the way, don't remind me of Fred,“ Lena frowned lightly. „I don't know him either. He arrived here with my uncle John. They're friends. Eric's a photographer.“

„Eric, hm,“ Eva nodded her head slowly. „Do you like him?“

„I saw him for the first time,“ Lena shook her head. „After breaking up with Fred I prefer to stay single so far,“ she looked thoughtful. „His eyes're so sad.“

„Um, you don't know him, you don't like him but you gave him a piece of cake. It seemed like you cared about him,“ Eva shrugged.

„I don't know why I did it. Do you believe me?“ she looked at her, lifting her arms in the air and letting them fall down to her hips. „There's something about him. I don't know.“

„You should find some really good guy. Someone like Danny is. Or Carl,“ Eva patted her shoulder.

„Or Elijah?“ Lena smiled faintly. They both burst in laugh. „I hope that time will come one day. But not now.“

After helping her parents tidy up the garden she sat down on the bench on the back porch, drinking some coffee. It was midnight, silence all around, just sound of grasshoppers was heard. In several minutes she finished her coffee and got up to go to sleep when she saw two shining eyes among the trees. It didn't take more than a few seconds. She stared at the place where they disappeared and walked slowly down the stairs and over the garden, fascinated that she saw them again.

„Hello?! Are you there?“ she waited if she could hear someone. But no sound was heard. She shook her head and turned around, walking back to the house. „You're totally crazy, Lena Gilbert,“ she said aloud and walked inside, shutting the door behind her.

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