The enemy within 03

The enemy within 03



"Are you kidding?" Eva stared at Lena. They were in the office, having a lunchbreak. „You touched the wolf?! It could have bitten you."


"I know. But he was nice and cute. He came to me and he wasn't hostile at all," Lena objected.


"It's really a strange thing that it came so close. Don't you think?"


"I think so," she looked thoughtful. "It felt like he understood what I was saying. It was amazing he allowed me to stroke him. Do you think he will come again?"


"I don't know but you should be careful. He's a wild animal. You can hardly foresee what he can do," Eva shook her head.


He was silken and soft to touch,“ Lena smiled.


"You're a hopeless case, my friend," Eva responded. Lena laughed shortly. Then they returned to their work.




In the next several days the wolf didn't appear. Lena was disappointed. But she appreciated she ceased to have the dreams about him.


She arrived home at seven because she stopped by at the grocery store on her way home. She pulled her phone out of the purse and put it on the kitchen table as she always did when she realized she didn't see her wallet in it. She took the purse and emptied it on the table. The wallet was gone. She had to lose it in the grocery when she paid for her shopping. The problem was that there was her driving licence in the wallet. She cursed quietly.


All of a sudden her phone rang.


"Hi Eric, how are you?"


"Hi Lena, I'm fine, thanks. And you?"


"Um... I'm good but... I lost my wallet today. I just arrived home and found it out," she ran her hand through her hair.


"I'm sorry for that. Can I help you? Do you need to borrow some money?" his voice sounded solicitously.


Oh no, thank you, Eric.“


Tell me what can I do for you?“ he demanded.


Probably nothing. I'll have to get made a new driving licence on Monday,“ she sighed. „And I'll also have to block my payment card.“


I see. And what about a distraction? Would you like to see my house and its surroundings?“ she appreciated his effort to lift her spirits and she had to smile.


Sure I would but I don't want to bother you,“ she shook her head.


No problem. I wanted to invite you for lunch tomorrow anyway. I'd like to grill meat and vegetables for us. What do you say?“ She sensed his tension as he was waiting for her answer.


Sounds amazing,“ she laughed lightly.


Good. Tomorrow at twelve? Is it OK with you? I'll text you my address, OK?“


OK. See you tomorrow,“ she hung up, still smiling. She felt his voice calmed her even through the phone. She realized that she was looking forward to it.




At twelve she was standing in front of the door of his house. She rapped on the door when no one came to answer it. She was about to turn around and go back to her car when the door opened. She stared at him in amazement. He was standing in the doorway in his boxers and open bathrobe, barefooted, his hair ruffled. She ran her eyes over his body and had to admit that she liked what she saw. His body was firm, his belly and his chest hairy. Eventually she looked in his eyes, a small smile on her lips.


"Were you still sleeping?"


"I'm sorry, Lena, I overslept. I was busy in the night," he ran his hand through his hair and stepped aside to let her in, pulling his bathrobe closer to his body. She crossed the threshold, looking around the hall. She glanced to the kitchen across from the living room where he led her. Everything was cleaned up and tidy all around and nothing indicated that he was busy. The thought of his secret flashed through her mind. „Give me a minute, please, I won't be long. Make yourself at home,“ he looked embarrassed as he left the room. She heard him go upstairs. She assumed there was his bedroom there.


She went outside on the back porch. There was a large meadow right behind the house. The meadow was surrounded by the forest. There was silence and peace spreading all around her. It was a beautiful sight. On her way here she noticed his house stood really in the middle of nowhere. No other houses, no cars. It was a solitary house that he lived in.


Where are you, my hairy friend?“ she said in a low voice as she remembered the wolf. „I feel you need me.“


Eric was standing in the doorway. He cleared his throat and walked on the back porch. She turned to him.


"You look better now," she smiled.


"Thanks. You look stunning, too,“ he stepped closer. „Do you like it here?“


Yes, I do,“ she turned to the meadow. „It's kind of calming here.“


It is. Sometimes too much,“ he murmured. „We can go for a walk after lunch. I'd like to show you the lake that I told you about before.“


Good idea. Perhaps you could take your camera with you to take some pictures if it won't bother you,“ she offered.


Sure, I can take it,“ he nodded with a small smile. He walked to the other side of the back porch where the grill was standing and he heated it up. She watched his moves, butterflies in her belly. She quickly averted her eyes as he turned around.


"Excuse me for a moment now. I'm going to bring meat and everything we need," he said, glancing at her.


"Can I help you?" she looked at him.


"Yes, you can, if it's that you wish. You're my guest," he winked and her heart skipped a beat. She nodded and followed him inside.


In the kitchen he pulled two bowls out of the fridge.


Here's some vegetables. Would you take it outside, please?“ he handed her one and took the other. She walked outside and put the bowl on the table next to the grill. „And now let me show you my wine cellar.“ He opened the door on the left next to the living room and turned the light on. „Beware of the steps,“ he looked at her over his shoulder, walking down the stairs. She was so focused on the stairs that suddenly she bumped in him at the end of the staircase. He caught her instinctively to not let her fall, pulling her in his chest.


I'm sorry,“ she raised her eyes to his, blushing.


No problem,“ he whispered and hesitantly let go of her. „Which wine do you prefer?“ he waved his arm at racks full of bottles. „There is white wine on the left, red wine on the right and over there,“ he pointed at the racks across the stairs, „is champagne,“ she could hear how proud he was of his collection of wine in his voice. „But I think we shouldn't drink champagne to the grilled meat.“


You're right,“ she looked around, smiling. „It's a huge collection. I know you're proud of this. If I can choose I prefer red wine.“


"That's why I'm asking you," he smirked and took a bottle of red wine. "Bordeaux de Maucaillou 2012 is very tasty and fits to the grilled meat I guess. It doesn't belong to the most expensive but I hope it doesn't matter. It's also called a second wine that means it's a young wine."


I trust your judgment,“ she tilted her head on one side. „You know a lot about wine.“


It's my hobby. I enjoy it,“ she saw sparkles in his eyes.


Then they walked up the stairs and outside. He put the meat and some vegetables on the grill and opened the bottle. He poured the wine into two glasses.


Mmm, delicious,“ she sipped, tasting it.


Glad you like it. We can eat,“ he put the meal on two plates and placed them on the table. They started eating, sitting next to each other on the bench at the table.


Mmm, it's so tasty,“ she gushed as she tasted the first bite. „You're an amazing cook, Eric.“


Thank you,“ he gave her a smile, his eyes shining.


When they finished eating, they collected the dishes and put it in the dishwasher. Then he opened the door next to the stairs.He walked in and after a short hesitation she followed him. She looked around and found herself in a photo studio.


Wow! It's amazing. You have everything you need in your house,“ she walked around the room, looking at tripods and cameras, she noticed also two camcorders. He watched her with a smile on his lips. It was so good not to be alone in his house. He felt she was impressed by his wine cellar, by his cooking and now by his atelier. He was used to be alone but since he got to know her he's felt more alone than before.


Now we're ready for our walk,“ he chose one of his cameras. He took a picture as she turned to him. „First picture's done.“


Can I see it?“ she stepped closer and took a look at the display. He turned it in his hands so she could see the picture.


"Perfect," she breathed out as she saw herself turning right to the camera, her hair waving around her head and shoulders as she moved. "It's not blurred at all even though I was moving," she looked up at him and realized how close she was standing.


"Right shutter speed," he responded in a low voice as he smelled the shampoo on her hair. She had to use it today. She swallowed as he stared at her without a word. "Perhaps... we should go," he reluctantly broke his reverie. She nodded. They walked outside. He turned the light off and closed the door behind them.




They walked out of the forest and there was the lake in front of them. The rays of the sun reflected on its surface. The lake was large, bordered by trees and the blue sky above it. There was a short wharf underlaid with big stones. There was reeds growing up on the edge of the lake.


"It looks awesome," Lena gushed at the sight. She felt like in a fairy tale. She was standing silently, looking around, her lips slightly open, her eyes shining. He glanced at her and took a picture of her staring at the lake.


"It is. I love it here," he responded, thinking about what she would have done if he kissed her parted lips.


Could we take a picture with the lake in a background?“ she offered, looking at him. He looked thoughtful. „What?“ she asked, breaking his reverie.


Nothing. I just forgot to take a tripod with me,“ he stepped to a tree and installed his camera between two branches the way, so it wouldn't fall down. He set the zoom and the shutter release and quickly stepped to her, putting his arm around her shoulders. She instinctively shifted closer, placing her arm around his waist and the other on his chest. The camera automatically took three shots in succession and they stayed standing like this. He intensively felt her hands on his body, closing his eyes, his heart pounding in his chest.


She pulled back and he took the camera in his hands. When he turned around, he saw her taking off her boots. She walked to the end of the wharf, sat down and put her bare feet into the water, swinging them. He took several pictures before he went to sit down next to her.


It's gorgeous here,“ she looked at him. „I have a feeling that I can't stop smiling,“ she laughed lightly. He smiled faintly, nodding. Suddenly he felt a lump in his throat and wasn't able to speak. She looked happy. She was relishing being here, it made her happy. She was full of life and energy. He felt it coming in waves. It warmed him inside, surged into his veins and he imagined how it would feel like to be with her till the end of his life. „You know,“ she looked up at him, „your smile is really nice. Why don't you smile more often?“


Um..., thanks,“ he cleared his throat, „I don't know.“ She watched him and felt his restlessness. Hesitantly she reached out and covered his hand with hers.


I'd like to help you. It doesn't matter what it is that's bothering you. I know that you hardly got to know me but I don't ask for the reason,“ she said in a low voice. He took her hand, lifted it to his lips and pressed a gentle kiss into her palm.


It's enough you're here with me. It helps. Do you believe me?“ he whispered.


Yes, I do,“ she quivered as his beard tickled her palm. She shifted closer and put her arm around his waist. „I feel good with you, too.“ He closed his eyes, her hand still in his. She felt as if the time stood still. She wished to make him happy and feeling safe the same way she did now.


Perhaps... we should return,“ he whispered as the sun started sloping beyond the horizon. He got up and went to the shore. She followed him and slipped back in her shoes. He tentatively took her hand as they entered the forest and she left her hand in his. Watching him the whole afternoon she noticed that his mood was changing with upcoming evening. She made another step to discovering of his secret. The night was a threat to him. She should stay with him but she realized that it was inaproppriate. But she was worried about him. Suddenly she didn't know what to do.


Standing on the back porch she looked in his eyes.


Thank you for a beautiful afternoon, Eric,“ she gave him a small smile.


I thank you. It was a magnificent day,“ he smiled but his smile didn't reach his eyes. She had a bad feeling that she was leaving him alone.


Are you OK?“ she couldn't resist to put her hand on his cheek. He nodded and his heart fluttered in his chest under her touch.

I'll call you,“ he whispered. He didn't think about it twice and leaned over to touch his lips to hers in a short kiss. She closed her eyes for a moment and he gave her a shining smile.


OK,“ she looked in his eyes for the last time that day, then she turned around and made her way to her car. She waved at him before she jumped behind the wheel. She saw him standing there in her rear-view mirror before she turned to the main road returning back to the civilization.




After having light dinner she walked on the back porch with a mug of coffee in her hand. She thought about what he was doing now. She closed her eyes, recalling his kiss and his charming smile. She opened her eyes and took a sip from her mug. Raising her eyes she saw two familiar shining eyes, moving in her direction. She slowly went down the stairs as the wolf stopped next to them. He stepped back as she sat down on the last step.


Hi, how are you? How is it possible that you aren't afraid of me?“ she spoke to him quietly. He tilted his head on one side as if he listened to her. "Frankly I'm afraid a little but I like you. Aren't you hungry or thirsty?" she carefully rose. "Don't run away, OK? I'll be back in a second," she went inside and soon was back with a bowl with water. She sat back on the last step and put the bowl next to her. "Here you are. It's just water. You probably don't drink coffee," she laughed lightly and watched him cautiously stepping to the bowl, sniffing it, his eyes darting from her to the bowl. She smiled as his pink tongue scooped up the water.


The wolf finished drinking and raised its eyes to her. "I'm going to stroke you, if you promise you don't bite me," she reached out and touched his coat with her shaky hand. To her surprise he stepped closer, making a throaty sound. „Do you like it?“ she scratched him behind his ear and he put his head on her knee. She lifted her eyebrow, smiling and petting him like a dog. He didn't move, his eyes closed. „You do as it seems,“ she whispered. „I missed you, you know.“


He opened his eyes and looked up at her. "You have so beautiful eyes, my friend," she cupped his head. "Your eyes reminds me of a man I got to know. He also has brown eyes. I spent the afternoon with him today and before I left he kissed me," she whispered. She forgot he wasn't a dog and kissed him on the muzzle. "Just like this. You know I think I'm in love with him. I feel complete in his presence. And when he touches me...," he nudged her with his muzzle, breaking her reverie. She chuckled. "It's boring to you. I know you don't care. I'm sorry. But thank you for listening to me," she stroked his head. He stepped back and quietly howled. „Oh, you have to go. I understand,“ she watched him slowly move backwards. Then he turned around, ran and disappeared among the trees.


She stood up, took the bowl and carried it to the sink. She returned on the back porch to finish her coffee. Today was really a special day. She smiled to herself. She experienced two the most amazing encounters of her life. She turned the light off and walked inside, closing the door behind her.




He was sitting in the grass on the shore of the lake, silence all around. There were stars on the slowly fading sky and the dawn was calling.


Katherine? Can you hear me there on the other side?“ he looked up to the sky and then he felt a breath of breeze. „It's good. You know I met a girl, a woman and she's different than the others I've told you about,“ he closed his eyes for a moment before he continued in his thoughts. „I realized I couldn't live like this anymore as I saw her for the first time. I feel so lonely,“ he broke off. „I can't keep myself away from her even though I know I can't have her living with me in my house. But I can see her and stay in touch with her. She's like a rainbow in the rain. She's like the rays of the sun shining through the clouds when I'm in her presence,“ he watched the surface of the lake and listened to the reeds whispering in the silence. „She offered to help me, she sensed that I had something to hide and she didn't want to know what it was. She just wanted to help me no matter what it was that bothered me, you know? Do you think I should accept her helping hand and perhaps... her love... and give her mine?“


He saw a shooting star and suddenly she was standing on the water in front of him. She looked like a nymph in her white robe, her wavy hair loose, she was surrounded by a glow.


You're free, Eric,“ she spoke gently, a smile on her face. „I don't want you to suffer anymore. She'll be able to help you. Don't look back and live, brother. I bless you,“ she lifted her hand to wave at him and then she rose in the air and disappeared high on the sky.


He stared at the place where she was standing a second ago and couldn't believe she was here.


Thank you, Kat, for everything,“ he took his eyes off of the lake as he noticed that the sun emerged on the horizon. „It's time to go.“ His heart was pounding in his chest all the way through the forest to his house.


At six in the morning he walked in the house and went to the bedroom. He fell asleep as soon as his head touched the pillow.



It was half past twelve p.m. when he woke up. After using bathroom he went down the stairs and to the kitchen to have something to eat. Then he walked in his atelier, sat down at the table and turned the computer on. He connnected the camera to a USB port on the computer. He waited for a moment till the camera started communicate with the computer. Then he downloaded pictures from the camera to PC. He disconnected the camera and opened the first picture on the screen. Lena was in the picture staring at the lake. He zoomed the picture and studied her. She looked beautiful, innocent, her beautiful doe eyes shining, she looked almost like a child, silent amazement on her face. He realized he was smiling at the sight. He grabbed his phone and dialed her number.


Hi Lena, it's me,“ he greeted her as she picked it up.


Hi, how are you? You're already awake?“ she gigled lightly. „Just teasing you.“


I see. But you're right. I woke up an hour ago,“ he chuckled. „Listen, I'm browsing through the yesterday's pictures. I was wondering if you want to see them.“


I'd like to,“ he sensed her smile.


OK. I need to edit them and put them on the flash disc. Then I can bring it to you,“ he offered.


Sounds good. When will you arrive?“


I think I can be there in an hour and a half if it's OK with you.“


Yes, it is.“


Then we have a deal. See you soon,“ he hung up and started editing pictures. He was looking forward to seeing her again.

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Děkuju moc. Já vím, angličtina zdaleka není dokonalá, po třech letech intenzivní samouky (s pomocí mé kamarádky, která umí líp, a dělá mi betu) sama cítím nejen pokrok, ale hlavně že mi chybí rozlet a slovní zásoba.
Já se tím učím a právě zkouším, jestli to někoho bude bavit. Tohle je moje jedenáctá story v angličtině a nepřála bych ti číst tu první. :-) Moc děkuju.

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Moc příjemné čtení :)). Angličtina by ještě chtěla práci, ale moje taky není dokonalá a máš můj obdiv, že v ní píšeš tolik a nebojíš se sdílet (já se stydím za případné chyby až moc :D). Super práce.

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