The enemy within 10

The enemy within 10



Lena, keep yourself away from the wolf. He's dangerous,“ Eva told her as they got in Lena's car. Lena shook her head and drove through the city to Eva's place. She clutched the wheel tightly.


I won't help him by doing that. It's no solution, my friend,“ she glanced at her. „I need to find a witch.“


Where do you want to search for one?“ Eva watched her. Lena's forehead was furrowed as she intensively thought. „I know this gaze of yours very well.“


I'll try to search online for clairvoyants. We'll see. It's not in my power to handle this on my own.“ Lena stopped the car and turned to Eva. „If I find such a person, will you go to visit her with me?“


Sure, I will,“ Eva sighed. „But I think we should take a guy with us.“


Then I can ask Danny,“ Lena smiled. „Thanks. I'll let you know.“ Eva nodded, got out and waited because Lena's phone started ringing. She worriedly looked at Lena who picked it up.


Hi Eric,“ she listened to him, then nodded. „Sure, I'm home in ten minutes. I'll change my clothes and arrive at half past seven p.m., OK?“ She hung up and raised her eyes to Eva. „He needs to talk to me. He's so sad, Eva. I can't leave him alone.“


I know, I understand. Just let me know once you're home again, OK?“ Eva smiled faintly.


I will. Don't worry.“




Thanks that you're here,“ he opened the door and she stepped inside. „Take a seat in the living room, I'm back in a minute,“ he retreated to the kitchen. She sat down on the couch and he brought two mugs of coffee. He handed her one and settled next to her. She felt he was nervous so she put her hand on his reassuringly.


No problem. I'm always here for you. You know it,“ she said softly. He nodded and turned his body to her to look at her.


Lena, something‘s happenning with me. I need you to know because I begin to lose my control of the wolf,“ he swallowed. „I'm not able to control his behavior, either I remember what I do when I'm him. But sometimes I have a hint of memories and they're very ugly. When we found the dead hare in the forest...,“ he broke off for a moment, „... I... I saw myself ripping him to pieces. I mean I saw it with my own eyes, my wolf's eyes...,“ he waved to the window. „I found a few dead animals here in the forest as well. I have to stop the beast inside of me before it hurts you or someone else,“ he lowered his eyes, took a sip from his mug and put it on the table.


I see. What do you intend to do?“ she asked, speaking calmly, watching him.


Follow me, please,“ he got up and led her to the garden. There stood a huge cage on the right side next to the house. „I bought it today. You have to lock me inside before ten p.m.“


How... how will you get out in the morning?“ she felt her composure vanishing step by step, her eyes wet as she was imagining him locked inside.


There's a hook under the ceiling and you'll hang the key there,“ he pointed at the hook, his arm extended up. He turned to her when she said nothing. He stroked her cheek, seeing her sadness. „I have no idea what else I could do. I just hope I won't change as a human. Don't be sad,“ he put his hands on her shoulders and caressed her arms down to her fingertips. She hissed as his hands ran over her forearms. He did a double-take and gently rolled up her sleeves. He discovered her scratches, furrowed his forehead and raised his eyes to hers questioningly.


It's nothing,“ she got her hands out of his hold slowly, covering her forearms with the sleeves again without looking up.


Lena, I already hurt you, didn't I?“ his voice trailed off. „See that this arrangement is necessary. I'm really sorry for your injury.“


It's not your fault,“ she shook her head, looking up at him. „We need to find a different solution instead of locking you in the cage,“ she put her hand on his cheek. „I'm worried about you.“


You rather wanted to say you're afraid of me, aren't you?“ he smiled sadly.


No. If I'm afraid of something it's the beast inside you. I don't know why it suddenly changed. I miss Shaggy,“ she smiled, tiptoed closer and kissed him on the chin. „I know it's still you and I won't stop loving you. Remember that.“ He wrapped his arms around her and she hugged him back. She closed her eyes, listening to his heartbeat and breathing in his scent. She felt his desperation and his love for her at the same time.


She stayed with him. They sat down on the back porch, most of time silent, he held her hand in both of his. At fifteen to ten p.m. he stood up.


It's time.“ He led her to the cage, let go of her hand and walked inside. He closed the door behind him, unhooked the key and held out his hand with it on his open palm through the bars. She stared at the key and took it hesitantly.


Are you sure?“ she locked the cage and hung the key at the place he showed her before. He stood there, holding the bars with his hands. She looked in his eyes and put her hands on his. „I don't like it at all,“ she whispered, her eyes wet.


There's nothing else I can do. I have to keep it trapped,“ he quivered. „You should go home, Lena.“ She nodded her head slowly.


Let me know you're alright, OK? Promise me this,“ she said urgently.


Promise. Thanks for helping me,“ he pulled up a corner of his mouth in attempt to smile but his eyes were serious and sad. „Go, my love, please.“ She waved at him shortly, keeping poker face till she was by her car. She sat behind the wheel, let tears flow down her cheeks, covering her mouth with her hand. In several minutes she heard a desperate howl. She wiped her tears, started the car and pulled away from the curb to drive home.




Lena turned on her notebook, put it on her bed and went to use her bathroom. She dressed her nightgown and crawled in bed. She started browsing the internet, the notebook on her lap. She typed different words like 'witch', 'witchcraft', 'black magic' but still she couldn't find what she was looking for. Then she entered the same words and added 'Mikaelson'. Nothing much.


She still heard his howl in her ears and saw him standing behind the bars. She knew she had to find something. She couldn't lock him every day till the end of time. She made a promise to make him happy, not that. The situation got worse, they had no time. She had no idea why everything happened but she desperately wanted to stop it. Better, to break his curse.




She woke up in the morning, her notebook discharged on her lap. She jumped out of bed and plugged in the notebook. She stared at the screen as the notebook brightened. „A clairvoyant Mikaelson at your service,“ she read loud. „Yes.“ She ran downstairs, grabbed her phone and ran back into the bedroom. She took a picture of the address in New Orleans on the screen.




Her phone started ringing as she walked in the salon. She greeted Eva and went to the back office, picking up the phone.


Hi Eric, are you OK?“ she put her purse on the table and stepped to the window.


Hi, yes, I am. Tired a little bit, but OK,“ Eric responded. „And you?“


Happy to hear it. I just arrived to work.“


Your voice sounds upset. Is everything alright?“ he asked worriedly.


Yes, it is. Don't worry,“ she smiled. „Just get some rest, OK? I'll come around seven if it's OK.“


I'm looking forward to seeing you, Lena,“ she sensed his smile.


Same here. See you soon,“ she said softly and hung up.




We have five customers for tomorrow, the regular customers,“ Lena announced taking a look in their diary after she told Eva about her plan for tomorrow. „We need to call them and ask them to come another day.“


OK. We can shift some of them to Friday as well,“ Eva observed.


You're right. Let's do it,“ Lena grabbed her phone and started dialing the first of the customer's numbers.


Once Lena arrived home, she changed her clothes and hurried back to the car to drive to Eric. She called Danny to ask him if he would go with her and Eva to New Orleans tomorrow and explained him her plan. Danny agreed to go and she felt relief. Then she started the car and pulled away from the curb in the direction of Eric’s house.




Lena found him on the back porch. He was sitting on the stairs, staring at the forest. She took a seat next to him, staying silent. She didn't want to disturb him. In a moment he turned his head to her.


You're missing running in the forest in the night, aren't you?“ she looked in his eyes. He nodded and placed his arm around her shoulders.


Isn't it weird?“ he pulled up one corner of his mouth in a half smile.


Not at all,“ she gave him a smile. „I would expect it after ten years.“ She thought a minute before she continued. „I think you had to feel kind of freedom, something like connecting with nature. Does it make sense to you?“


Sure,“ his face brightened. „Have you ever been a wolf?“


No, I have not,“ she chuckled. „How did it come to your mind?“


Because I have a feeling that you can understand me more than anyone else ever had,“ he became serious. „That's one of the reasons why I love you so much.“ She put her hand on his cheek.


I love you, too,“ she leaned in and touched her lips to his. „Everything will be alright,“ she whispered against his lips. He gave her his charming smile.


I believe it when I'm looking in your eyes. I feel so good with you. You heal my soul with your heartfelt gaze, calming touch and gentle words,“ he kissed her back.


Thanks for your nice words. Happy to hear I can heal you,“ she felt her cheek redden under his gaze and averted her eyes.


Do you like pancakes?“ he asked. She raised her eyes to him, lifting her eyebrow.


I love them. Why are you asking?“


I made some. Are you hungry?“ he stood up, pulling her up with him when she nodded. „So we're going to have dinner.“ He led her inside and to the kitchen.


As he watched her eat his pancakes, smiling with her mouth full, he realized that he would always forget about his every problem. She had the special power, light, radiating from inside of her. She was balm to his soul.




I'm looking forward to tomorrow when I see you again,“ he said, standing locked in the cage before ten p.m.


Me too,“ she hung the key under the ceiling of the cage. „Good night, Eric,“ she looked in his eyes, her heart hurting.


I'll call you. Good night,“ he watched her leave, suddenly feeling so lonely.




Lena turned over on her other side. She couldn't fall asleep. She was curious about the clairvoyant that she would see tomorrow. She thought about what the woman could say to her. Tonight she realized that his ordeal had to be stopped. She'd like to make it happen if it was in her power. She thought of him, locked in the cage and her heart clenched. This has to stop!! It took almost an hour till she finally drifted off to sleep.




Danny parked the car that they hired at the airport in New Orleans, in front of the house at the address that Lena had found on the internet. They got out and went to the house.


They saw a woman sitting at the table on the front porch. She looked neat just like a normal woman. There was a deck of cards and crystal ball on the table.


Take a seat, please,“ the woman raised her piercing dark eyes to Lena. „What would you wish to know?“ Lena glanced at Danny and Eva then she stepped closer and sat down on the chair across from the woman.


I'd wish to know something about my future and my love,“ Lena responded.


OK. Give me your right hand,“ the woman said, reaching out hers. Lena put her hand in woman's palm and she closed her eyes. In a moment she opened them and let go of Lena's hand as if she burnt. She stared at Lena, surprised. In her eyes Lena could see a vortex of emotions. „Come inside,“ the woman stood up. „All of you,“ she led them in the house.


The clairvoyant gestured for them to sit down as they walked in the living room. The three of them settled on the couch and Lena clasped her hands.


What do you know about him?“ the woman sat down in the armchair across of them, placing her hands on the armrests.


I know everything that he could tell me. He told me about your daughter that killed his sister in front of his eyes and wanted to kill him as well. He surprised her with a knife in his hand but before she died she voiced the curse,“ Lena furrowed her forehead.


Esther wasn't my daughter, she was my niece. Her mother died along with her as Esther bound her mother's power to hers so she could use them to practice dark magic. My name's Dahlia Mikaelson,“ Dahlia got up. „Would you like a cup of tea or coffee?“ She didn't wait for their answer and retreated to the kitchen. Soon she was back with a tray. She put a cup of coffee in front of each of them and took one in her hands. She took a seat back in the armchair. „I told her many times that she shouldn't do it. She didn't want to listen to me.“


You knew about it and let her do it?!“ Lena shook her head.


As I said she didn't want to listen to me. She was pure evil,“ Dahlia sighed. „What do you want to hear if you know almost everything?“


The curse...,“ Lena took a sip from her cup and put it on the table. „How can I break it?“


Breaking this is very complicated and I don't know exactly how to do it. I'm not a witch,“ Dahlia said slowly.


Very complicated but not impossible,“ Lena reacted, hope in her voice. „I have to do it. You can't imagine the way he lives. And now... it got worse.“


He voiced he loved you, didn't he?“ Dahlia asked, looking in Lena's eyes intently.


He did,“ Lena lowered her eyes for a few seconds. „Was it wrong? Are you saying that those three words affected his curse?“


Those words deepened his curse. He turned into a wild animal,“ Dahlia closed her eyes, thoughtful. „How much do you love him?“ she asked as she opened her eyes again.


I love him very much,“ Lena said softly, blushing under her look. „I'm ready to do anything to help him live as a normal human being.“


I can feel you mean it.“


That's why I'm here, Dahlia. If you have any ideas... please help me,“ Lena's voice trailed off. „He bought a cage and makes me to lock him inside every night. He doesn't remember what he's doing as a wolf. He's afraid that he could hurt me or someone else,“ she swallowed, a lump in her throat.


He already hurt you, right?“ Lena nodded her head.


He was like a dog before. I could touch him. He slept in my house on the old blanket. But then...,“ she shook her head, her eyes wet. „I must do something. I can't stand to see him like that. Especially if his curse deepened because of me as you said.“


Don't blame yourself, Lena,“ Dahlia shook her head. „It's not your fault. It doesn't matter if he fell in love with you or someone else. It would have happened anyway,“ she broke off for a moment, closing her eyes. Lena watched her, waiting. She didn't want to disturb Dahlia because she looked like searching for something in her memory. Dahlia opened her eyes, stood up and started opening drawers, standing in the corner of the room. Once she had to be a beautiful woman. Even though she‘s old, her figure is straight. Her white hair reaches her shoulders. Actually she still is beautiful. Despite the situation Lena smiled slightly to herself.


Here it is,“ she pulled something out of one of the drawers and gestured for Lena to come closer. „This is the amulet,“ she clasped a bracelet on Lena's right wrist. „My sister gave it to me to protect me from Esther. I don't need it anymore. But you...,“ she looked in Lena's eyes, „you will need protection from the wolf's attacks. And..,“ she lifted her index finger in the air, „the amulet will weaken the wolf inside of him. By the way his name is Eric, right?“


Yes, it is,“ Lena was impressed by Dahlia's knowledge. She's never met a clairvoyant and it was interesting and breathtaking. „Thank you. And what should I do next? I know you said it's very complicated but I have no idea what to do.“ Dahlia patted her hand and led her back to the couch.


From what I'm able to see, and unfortunately it's not enough, you need two things,“ she settled back in the armchair. „Love and patience,“ she waved her hand, seeing Lena wanted to speak. „I know it sounds simple to you but it isn't,“ she made a pause before she continued. „Esther built her curse the way to prevent him to get rid of it.“ Lena's eyes were locked with Dahlia's as she listened to her carefully. „To make a long story short, love is a trigger to deepen the curse and at the same time love is the only way how to save him.“ Lena opened her mouth to speak but Dahlia nodded her head lightly. „I'm going to explain. Saving him requires a very strong person, Lena,“ she spoke slowly and calmly to her. „Most likely the curse will affect him as a human as well. Maybe not so much but it's possible. As far as I know you two didn't have sex yet,“ she smiled faintly. „You find it insolent. I'm sorry but having sex would have affected him the most. I mean sex with a woman he loves.“


It's really complicated,“ Lena ran her hand through her hair, blushing. „So what can I do except stand by his side and not to stop loving him?“


Exactly as you say,“ Dahlia confirmed, her face serious. „If you really love him and you will stand by his side no matter what happens, it's in your power to save him. Believe me, Lena, it will be the hardest thing of all.“


Your amulet will help me,“ Lena whispered, stroking the bracelet on her wrist, bedecked with several little stones of various colours. She looked up at Dahlia as she continued speaking.


It will. But you’re going to feel alone and helpless many times. Are you ready for this?“


Yes, I am,“ Lena responded firmly.


Any change won't come overnight. It will take some time. I don't know exactly what will be the trigger to break the curse but I'm afraid I can't help you more,“ Dahlia got up and Lena understood their session came to an end. She followed Dahlia on the front porch. Dahlia handed her a calling card. „Call me if you needed to talk to someone,“ she shook Lena's hand. „It was nice to meet you. I'd like to live to see that you saved him,“ she took her hand in both of hers and squeezed it gently, giving her a small smile.


Thank you, Dahlia. I'll break the curse,“ she shortly hugged the old woman, grateful for her help.


I believe you, Lena. I can feel your power, love and determination,“ she pulled back to look at her. „Good luck.“ Then she turned her attention to Lena's companions.


I'm glad to see Lena has so good friends,“ she shook her hand with Eva. „Nice to meet you, Eva.“


My pleasure,“ Eva replied, bowing her head lightly.


Take care of her, Danny. Nice to meet you, too,“ Dahlia looked up at him.


The same here, Dahlia. I will. Thanks for help,“ Danny smiled.


Dahlia was sitting at the table on the front porch again when Danny started the car and drove back to the New Orleans airport.

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